What’s up with da school systems???

Ahite.  I gotta rant.

As yall know, schools are pretty much done for da year and are rolling into da summer break.  Da end of da year brings with it some school events.  You have parties, awards day, and my former favorite. . .FIELD DAY.

Now let me tell ya, field day was one thing that allowed me (socially) to one-up da other kids.  As yall know, i’m not da “coolest” or hip cat.  Some things never changed.  Back in da school days, da not-so-cool personality of mine lead to nothing but ridicule and jokes.  I cared less fortunately so it didn’t quite ruin my childhood.   Now when field day arrived, all of those jokesters had nothin but props to give.

For me, field day sign-up was all about one word – “DASH”.  If da event had “dash” in it, I was in it.  50yd dash, 100yd dash, 220yd dash, 440yd dash, a brotha was lightin’ it up!  Every now and then, i would do a sack race or long jump or something.  So when I look back, field day was GREAT.

**note, aint none of these lil’ caucasian kids me**

Now let’s look at today’s “field day”.  Un-freakin-believable.  I’m not sure what it is, but you will be hard press to find yester year’s field day in today’s field day.  They have events like, bean bag toss, or “egg on the spoon” race, or cup stackin or some crap.  Seriously???!!!  What happened to all of da “dash” races???  Here’s my theory on this.

***note. none of these kids are me. not even da lil black kid.***

Our school systems and/or possibly our counseling society has given a “aw you poor baby” pass to our youth.  Our kids today are so NON ATHLETIC due to a lot of different reasons and so they are going to let the kids have a special field day instead of old school field day.  This way, no kid is “bummed out” for gettin da hell beat outta him/her in da 50yd dash; or da chubby kid that can’t move as fast doesn’t go all depressed for losing to a more athletic kid.  Just my theory.  So i ask da question. . .WHY??????

***note. this lil cryin’ youngin ain’t me either.***

Let these kids run, jump, hustle and bustle.  They need it (among other things).  If they happen to lose da race, so be it.  You win some, you lose some.  Nah mean?  Why do our kids this way?  It bugs me even more because this is the same society that’s running a commercial every hour about “kids should go outside and play for at least 1 hour a day”.  Sure, they’re right.  Kids should GET OUTSIDE.  Don’t get me wrong, these kids today are full of video games, tv, and computers.  I love ALL THREE.  But conversely, I do get up and get out to exercise.  Especially as a kid.  Either way, i just don’t get it.  Why not have our ol’ school field day anymore?

Then another thing.  What’s with all of this “snack time” crap????  Again, on one hand you’re telling da kids to be sure to eat healthy and cut out junk food, but every freakin’ day teachers are hosting “snack time” for JUNK FOOD.  I just shake my head.  I never agreed to snack time and no, i don’t send snack crap for my lil hard headz.  They’ll be ahite after lunch until dinner time.  (Sighs)

Thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Thnx for readin’.



4 thoughts on “What’s up with da school systems???

  1. I’m with you- bring back the old school field day! I always looked forward to field day- the 40 yd dash, tug of war, etc. It was such a fun and competitve day. Its definitely changed as we’ve discussed – they make it wasy too easy for the kids now.
    I couldn’t help but laugh though when my daughter was in the field day event “fill up the bucket with water using a sponge”. Not much physical exertion in that. Something tells me she didn’t break a sweat on that one- lol!

  2. So true Ant. Des gets mad on field day here. They have those bouncy houses and things like that. Like rrally?!?! Des says. If u dont want to lose then win

    • kids are already so wussified these days. they need to learn how to win and lose. So let ’em compete in REAL active activities.

      thnx for readin’ LadyJ.

      -RAP, II

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