Services For Hire

In addition to mindless information, I offer PC servicing as well as food services. If you’re interested in any of my services, feel free to contact me.

Services included but not limited to:

  • Smoked Barbecue
  • NY Style Cheesecakes
  • Meals upon request
  • Homemade barbecue sauce
  • PC builds and upgrades

Click here to contact me regarding any of my services mentioned above. Thanks for looking.


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28 thoughts on “Services For Hire

  1. Anthony’s homemade “Da Sauce” is awesome!!! It is great on meats and veggies and makes an awesome dip for chips. It has a sweetness to it with a definite spicy punch but is not overpowering. It’s not hot as you eat it but it does creep up on you though the heat doesn’t last forever. It is perfect.

  2. Momma your food is just a bit bland I think you need to do something to livin’ it up! Oh wait I have an idea you need ‘Da Sauce”!! It is like a little jar of divine goodness!!

    The perfect blend of sweet and spicy! I have not tried the Hot version yet but I do have a jar and a big ol’ pack a chicken to smother it in!! Thanks you AP for livening up my meals!!

  3. I absolutely love “Da Sauce”! My family can testify as well. Anthony’s special blend of herbs and spices make this the perfect sauce. I must say it’s the best I’ve ever tasted. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out. Get a jar or two or three today! Thanks AP and keep up the great work!

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  5. My husband and I got Da Sauce and think its DA BOMB!! We use it for chicken on the grill and LOVE IT!! We will not go back to any other BBQ sauce! I cant wait to try it on smoked BBQ.

  6. Tried the da sauce at a party last night and was amazing!! I loved the flavor esp. the bit of heat it had. This could be a new staple in our house esp. on football Sundays! Just need to know where can we get some?

  7. The HOT was delish and the habaneras delivered the heat! I have a jar of Regular in my fridge now just waiting for a cookout and I can not wait to try it!

    Thank you, Mr. Pruitt!

  8. “Da Sauce” is incredible on just about anything! Anthony’s sauce is a family favorite on everything from pulled pork to hamburgers to barbeque chicken nachos (or pizza)we could eat “Da Sauce” with every meal!

  9. I knew Mr. Pruitt liked to eat, but Da’ Sauce tells me that he can throw down IN the kitchen too! πŸ™‚ Da’ Sauce is unbelievable! We all loved the HOT and have used it on baked and barbequed chicken. The blend of herbs and spices results in an amazing flavor and it is just the right consistency for basting. Can’t wait to pull the grill out again.

  10. With “Da Sauce” Anthony has really hit upon the perfect blend and balance between sweet and spicy. It really works well on all meats for marinating, basting and dipping. I think we’re on our 6th or 7th jar by now! We’ve also had him cater a couple different events for us and the barbeque, sides and deserts were simply excellent–everyone at the party really loved it. I highly recommend it all. Da man has got da sauce, da food, da everything down!!!

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