Star Wars Memories

I was cleaning up my pc and found this doc from May of 2007. Thought i’d share.
thnx for readin, yall.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away- May 25th, 1977 to be exact. A little boy from Anderson SC name Ray Anthony Pruitt, II was 2 months old. George Lucas brought the world “Star Wars, A New Hope.” This was the beginning of a new age of movie production and creativity. I was too young to witness it, but I later got a chance to experience it.

My first Star Wars movie was “Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back.” My father took me when I was 5 years-old. I STILL remember walking into the old “rat motel” of a movie theater in Anderson called the Osteen. The snowy scenes from Hoth, the elephant-like Imperial Walkers, the aerial attacks of the Millennium Falcon and the TIE Fighters are all vivid memories for me. I was HOOKED!

Most of my SOI family members know how much I LOVE Star Wars. When Episode II was released, I had scheduled a half day of work to go see it. As soon as I found out the release date for Episode III, I submitted my PTO request to my payroll manager back then. I can remember her saying “Anthony your dates are wrong on this form.” I told her it wasn’t. She said, “It’s for next year!” I said, “That’s right! I will be off that day to see my movie.” And when the date rolled around, I was off as expected.

As most of you know, I’m also a parent of three boys. My oldest son’s first time seeing a Star Wars movie was Episode I on VHS when he was three years-old. He’s been hooked ever since. My middle son’s first time seeing Star Wars was Episode II on VHS and then later that year his first the theatrical experience was Star Wars Episode III. He’s been hooked ever since. My youngest son’s (19 months old) first was Episode IV on DVD. He’s been hooked ever sense. Sounds like a theme, huh? They all share the same passion with me when it comes to Star Wars. (Brings a tear to my eye thinking about it.) They love the computer effects, the sounds, and even the music. They know the theatrical score almost note for note.

Star Wars has created a huge craze all over the world. The fans of Star Wars fans are looked at as “geeks” or “nerds” by the so-called “cool” people. You can find a lot of trash talk about us on links such as Triumph.

The movies are viewed as legendary by the fans of Star Wars. The affects on me are unusual, I’m sure. For example, many of my pc notifications, email notifications, and cell phone notifications are sound bites and quotes from Star Wars.

My fantasy football team name is “Sith Happens.” (I’m sure that’s a shocker to most of you. A Star Wars fan/geek is a fantasy football player as well. Can you tell I’m being sarcastic with that remark?)

Even when I bought a new TV, I was “sold” when the sales representative popped in a Star Wars DVD to show how the up-scaling DVD player would show the images in HD quality. He had no clue I was a Star Wars fan. (Yes I bought the DVD player and home theatre system too.)

Music lovers of the world may not be fans of Star Wars, but they all know the works of the great John Williams and his work. He composed all of the music in the Star Wars saga which was performed by the world renowned London Symphony Orchestra. Other works by John Williams includes the Superman theme and Indiana Jones’ theme. I have CD’s and .mp3 files of all theatrical scores from the Star Wars saga. I’m a music lover, so I enjoy listening to the classical pieces from Mr. Williams.

I have watched the Star Wars episodes countless times. This week will be a special one for me. This being the 30th birthday of Star Wars, I plan to watch all six episodes as well as all bonus material in recognition of this historic day. Yeah I know, “get a life Anthony!” Well I don’t really have a life, but I’m always entertained by the awesome picture and THX Dolby Digital sound of X-Wing fighters flying and light sabers humming while relaxing in my recliner eating popcorn.

Star Wars has been big part of my childhood and current adult life. Hopefully I have enlightened some of you. If ever interested in more tidbits or useless facts, feel free to contact me.

“The force will be with you. . .always.” –Alec Guinness as Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope


7 thoughts on “Star Wars Memories

  1. At the risk of having you lose all respect for me, I have to admit that I have not seen the three latest episodes. I saw the first three as a child, but never made it a priority to see the “newer” films. The funny thing is – I’m sure I’d really enjoy them! I’ll try to make time to watch them this summer.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • i will let that slide. Most people in our age cared less about da prequels. Especially after the bad press from Jar-jar Binks.

      Thnx for readin, Kerri.

      -RAP, II

  2. I really loved the episodes from the 70’s, but didn’t get as enthused for the episode I or II, I haven’t seen III.

    When the 1st (IV) came out, I refuesed to see it. All my friends went and raved. I put it off for 56 weeks, then finally broke down. I went 7 more times in the next few months, using all my paper route money. I bought the cards and toys. I played with them both. Star Wars was a big part of my childhood and I loved your post. It reminded me of something wonderful.


  3. Wow #87 I loved this story. It’s been a long time since I talked to you but this post was amazing! I really like that you are passing the kid in you to your kids. Glad I ran across your blog.


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