My New Endeavor(s)

Hello everyone.

I haven’t posted to my personal blog in quite a while. I’ve been focused on a lot of different things and aspects of my daily life that’s pulled me away from posting my mindless content.

First off, I want to say “thank you” for continuing to read my mindless content and spreading the word. When I was posting regularly, I was getting a lot of hits and Google would refer my blog to people in their search queries. I appreciate that, yall.

Next, let me tell you what’s going on with my current endeavors. I’m now Senior Contributor for a new tech site called Some of you may have already heard about me writing there. This was an opportunity I was blessed with. It just fell into place. The Editor-in-Chief is the well-known tech writer Gina Smith. She has a track record with ABC, CNET, and is the co-author of best-seller iWoz, the book about the co-founder of Apple computer, Mr. Steve Wozniak. Gina approached me via my Google Plus feed and the things I wrote on blog. She emailed me about doing guest posting because of comments i made on her site. Next thing you know, I got an email saying “you should write for us”.

As you all know, I’M NOT A WRITER, but I can speak about a topic if I know about it. Even speak eloquently if I need to. So anyway, that’s how I got into We’re growing our staff. We have some BIG TIME writers on our team. Check us out here.

Next, I’ve always wanted to be on a podcast or do my own podcast. I now have the opportunity. It’s called Yet Another Tech Show, aka “YATS”. We recorded our first episode this past Saturday and I LOVED IT. It was a lot of fun and the show turned out great. This will be a weekly thing. It’s a open, loose, tech show about things noted in the world of tech as well as highlighting stories we have written previously. This will eventually offer live video feed via Google Plus Hangout. So check it out on this link.

Again, I THANK YOU ALL for the continued support. I will still continue to post on my mindless blog. The daily trivia is still going everyday and it has GROWN. So get in there and play. I promise the monthly champ a SMALL prize and it seems to have taken off.

Hit me up if you all have suggestions for my blog,, or YATS.

Thanks for reading, yall. And also, thanks for continuing to SPREAD THE WORD.




A Joyous, Yet Sad Occassion For Me

This current college football season is far from over, but the current HOME football season is over for my beloved Clemson Tigers. I must say this past Saturday (11-12-2011) was an outstanding day full of emotions from one extreme to the other. Sure I may sound waaaaaay over the top with my thoughts considering all of the other more serious issues going on in the world, the country, the college football world, and my life. But dadgumit, this is my blog and my emotions. I can feel da way I want to feel and express it how I see fit. But anyway, back to this past Saturday. . . .

Early in the summer I was blessed with news stating that I would be able to attend ALL OF THE CLEMSON FOOTBALL GAMES this year. Now granted, I had already made my mind up that I would try to attend at least 1 and if able, more games. But it was always on the whim of scalpers and child care. My sister, Sheena, has grown into a big Tigers fan and ordered tickets for herself and. . .FOR ME. I still remember getting da text message and how pumped I was when I got it.

My sister and I have experienced some GREAT times this season. At one time I teased her saying she got me the tickets this year so I could be her personal taxi and body guard. (which still may be true. lol!) I look back at the season and realize that she would have been TOTALLY LOST at times if I wasn’t around. Whether it’s finding descent parking, or navigating to tailgate spots, or even what she shouldn’t be drinkin’. (I’m da only boozer of da family apparently) Or even stopping her from walkin DEAD INTO TRAFFIC because she “soooo needed to get her sleeve cleaned off”. (smh)

I’d like to take a moment to reflect on a few items of this past season.

1. This was da first season where I saw a game with my sister and da Tigers DID NOT LOSE. We had a TERRIBLE losing streak together and I told her I didn’t want to see anymore games with her at one time. 🙂

2. We hung out da majority of da time with my sister’s doctor friends and associates from her job. They were GREAT people. Very welcoming (as all Clemson tailgaters) and fun to be around. I ate soooo much (and drank quite a bit). Many thanks to Dr. Greg and his wife Bridgett, and the many others that INSISTED we hang with them.

3. The #ClemsonBCTweetup was OUTSTANDING. My sister was able to meet up with other people on Twitter that we both follow. I had attended a previous tweetup last year. We had a great time just being ourselves, enjoying everyone’s company, and loving our favorite team.

There were some games that were freakin’ HOT due to kickoff time. There were games that were not so bad regarding weather. But regardless, each game was jammed packed with great fans as passionate as da two of us. It was nice knowing we had about 4 people each time LOOKING FOR US to be there.

Now, I’m proud to say that there were a few “absolutes” of our Clemson football home season journey.

-People were going to ASSUME that my sister and I were dating. Whenever general convo came up, we always got looks and remarks as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend. ALWAYS. I consider it an ego boost because apparently “good lookin” genes run in da family. 😉

-People were going to assume that I formerly played at Clemson. I told people several times that I blew my opportunity to play there. Some of the more. . .”happy” people wanted to argue with me and tell me that i DID play at Clemson. Funny stuff.

-Our dad would ring my cell phone as if I EVER answer my phone on football saturdays and leave a voice message of random praises to God or other mumbling rants. It’s funny because he and I discussed that he should NOT call me because i ain’t answering da phone. 🙂

-The drive back to Anderson would always be fairly smooth and I would hear my sister’s cell phone vibrating a 100 times while she dozed off in da seat next to me.

-My voice would be gone until approximately Wednesday following the game due to yelling for damn near 3 hours.

I enjoyed every one of those “absolutes”. But there was one more thing. . .WE DID NOT LOSE at home this year. I’ve NEVER experienced that and I shall never forget it. This final home game was such an emotional time with me considering my other life battles and my love for my “first love” (football). As da seniors were running down da hill da last time, I felt pride for them and a tear of joy stream down my cheek. As da remainder of da team ran down da hill for da last time in 2011, my heart rate increased, my voice raised, and my adrenaline was jacked! It was awesome. It was GAME TIME.

I want to say THANK YOU to my lil’ sister, aka baby genius, for providing me this opportunity this year. It meant a lot to me as a fan and for me to see da insane times we had together as siblings. It meant even more knowing she NEEDED ME there each weekend. (she told me that in a text) I am truly blessed. I thank you and I love you. We just gotta work on you losing some of that “hollywood” you got goin’ about you and your attire. 😉

Check out some final pics from Saturday. A few are some really nice HDR pics. Thnx for readin’, yall.


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Goofin’ With Plex Media Server

What do I do on a Friday night? Watch college football, drink beer, and yes. . .goof around on my PC. I know, i love such a very exciting life. 😐

But anyway. . . .

I was told about Plex Media server to see if it would be a good option to stream my media from my home pc to wherever I want. Preferably, to my cell phone was the thought. Some of you know I currently use Ampache on my home pc. This is a server software run on Linux operating system. It has worked really well for me, but I still haven’t figured out how to get videos to transcode and play descently over 3g connections.

Plex Media server, has proven that this can be done.

Few notes:

1. Installing the server on the linux pc wasn’t too bad. Just update your repos and run your typical apt-get commands to install it.

2. Installing the desktop client on linux via WINE is not a good option. Mine crashed a few times, but I was able to get into it and add my plexapp user account so my server would work over the air.

3. Adding your library files is MUCH easier via the web browser using your localhost:34200/manage URL. This allowed my pc’s music folder and video folder to be indexed for serving up.

The Android app in the market place is a WHOPPING $5. But thus far, i think it’s worth it. I was streaming a 1080p .mkv video file on a mediocre signal (3g) to my cell. Granted your pc has to have decent horsepower to run this server (at least 2 core cpu), but this really looked good. Attached is an album of screen shots I snapped on my DroidX. There’s one shot that’s not that clear, that’s because the movie was playing and not paused.

Overall, I’m digging this software and app. I hope to spend a lil more time testing this over the weekend. The app devs give you 15 days to request a refund as long as you have your receipt number.

Check it out in the Android market.

Here’s the album of screen shots via google:

Where’s Da Value

Yesterday eve while listening to my various podcasts, a topic came to mind regarding value. I was listening/watching “This Week in Tech” aka TWiT and they started talking about new upcoming tech regarding camera lenses. Which later made one asks. . .does this new tech matter?

Seriously, these new lenses and chipsets will be cool, but how big is da market for ’em? If you look at most cameras being used today, they’re 5-8mp CELL PHONE cameras. I believe that has stated that da #1 camera used on their site is da iPhone 4. Yeah there are going to be professional photographers looking into this new tech, but consumers may not even bother. Thoughts?

Then another item came to mind, photographs in general. With the cell phone being a widely used camera, pics are typically stored and/or uploaded. That’s about it. Remember da days of actually having film developed? Remember da craze of having a “photo” printer in your home? Just about every printer today is capable of printing photos, but do they get utilized for that? Between facebook, twitpic, flickr, and shutterfly, are pictures even found in their paper format? Remember photo albums? Not online ones. Do they exist?

Is da photograph like da US dollar of today? (losing value) (just kidding)

I know I’m pretty guilty of not printing pictures. It’s not a crime or anything, but where’s da value of an actual photo? Has it diminished?

While checking out “The Social Hour” podcast, they mentioned a VERY COOL site regarding photos. It’s not just “here’s a pic of me at da concert”. It’s more thought provoking and intimate. Check out Dearphotograph.Com. Users submit images of places with a past snapshot of da same place in their hand. I know my descrip aint all that great, so check out da pic below. How neat is that?!

***photo from***

Looking at that site made me want to go and find some old pics and try it out. (with a cell phone camera tho’)

What are you thoughts on the jibberish i’ve mentioned above? Comments are welcomed.

Thnx for readin this, yall.


What’s up with da school systems???

Ahite.  I gotta rant.

As yall know, schools are pretty much done for da year and are rolling into da summer break.  Da end of da year brings with it some school events.  You have parties, awards day, and my former favorite. . .FIELD DAY.

Now let me tell ya, field day was one thing that allowed me (socially) to one-up da other kids.  As yall know, i’m not da “coolest” or hip cat.  Some things never changed.  Back in da school days, da not-so-cool personality of mine lead to nothing but ridicule and jokes.  I cared less fortunately so it didn’t quite ruin my childhood.   Now when field day arrived, all of those jokesters had nothin but props to give.

For me, field day sign-up was all about one word – “DASH”.  If da event had “dash” in it, I was in it.  50yd dash, 100yd dash, 220yd dash, 440yd dash, a brotha was lightin’ it up!  Every now and then, i would do a sack race or long jump or something.  So when I look back, field day was GREAT.

**note, aint none of these lil’ caucasian kids me**

Now let’s look at today’s “field day”.  Un-freakin-believable.  I’m not sure what it is, but you will be hard press to find yester year’s field day in today’s field day.  They have events like, bean bag toss, or “egg on the spoon” race, or cup stackin or some crap.  Seriously???!!!  What happened to all of da “dash” races???  Here’s my theory on this.

***note. none of these kids are me. not even da lil black kid.***

Our school systems and/or possibly our counseling society has given a “aw you poor baby” pass to our youth.  Our kids today are so NON ATHLETIC due to a lot of different reasons and so they are going to let the kids have a special field day instead of old school field day.  This way, no kid is “bummed out” for gettin da hell beat outta him/her in da 50yd dash; or da chubby kid that can’t move as fast doesn’t go all depressed for losing to a more athletic kid.  Just my theory.  So i ask da question. . .WHY??????

***note. this lil cryin’ youngin ain’t me either.***

Let these kids run, jump, hustle and bustle.  They need it (among other things).  If they happen to lose da race, so be it.  You win some, you lose some.  Nah mean?  Why do our kids this way?  It bugs me even more because this is the same society that’s running a commercial every hour about “kids should go outside and play for at least 1 hour a day”.  Sure, they’re right.  Kids should GET OUTSIDE.  Don’t get me wrong, these kids today are full of video games, tv, and computers.  I love ALL THREE.  But conversely, I do get up and get out to exercise.  Especially as a kid.  Either way, i just don’t get it.  Why not have our ol’ school field day anymore?

Then another thing.  What’s with all of this “snack time” crap????  Again, on one hand you’re telling da kids to be sure to eat healthy and cut out junk food, but every freakin’ day teachers are hosting “snack time” for JUNK FOOD.  I just shake my head.  I never agreed to snack time and no, i don’t send snack crap for my lil hard headz.  They’ll be ahite after lunch until dinner time.  (Sighs)

Thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Thnx for readin’.


Star Wars Memories

I was cleaning up my pc and found this doc from May of 2007. Thought i’d share.
thnx for readin, yall.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away- May 25th, 1977 to be exact. A little boy from Anderson SC name Ray Anthony Pruitt, II was 2 months old. George Lucas brought the world “Star Wars, A New Hope.” This was the beginning of a new age of movie production and creativity. I was too young to witness it, but I later got a chance to experience it.

My first Star Wars movie was “Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back.” My father took me when I was 5 years-old. I STILL remember walking into the old “rat motel” of a movie theater in Anderson called the Osteen. The snowy scenes from Hoth, the elephant-like Imperial Walkers, the aerial attacks of the Millennium Falcon and the TIE Fighters are all vivid memories for me. I was HOOKED!

Most of my SOI family members know how much I LOVE Star Wars. When Episode II was released, I had scheduled a half day of work to go see it. As soon as I found out the release date for Episode III, I submitted my PTO request to my payroll manager back then. I can remember her saying “Anthony your dates are wrong on this form.” I told her it wasn’t. She said, “It’s for next year!” I said, “That’s right! I will be off that day to see my movie.” And when the date rolled around, I was off as expected.

As most of you know, I’m also a parent of three boys. My oldest son’s first time seeing a Star Wars movie was Episode I on VHS when he was three years-old. He’s been hooked ever since. My middle son’s first time seeing Star Wars was Episode II on VHS and then later that year his first the theatrical experience was Star Wars Episode III. He’s been hooked ever since. My youngest son’s (19 months old) first was Episode IV on DVD. He’s been hooked ever sense. Sounds like a theme, huh? They all share the same passion with me when it comes to Star Wars. (Brings a tear to my eye thinking about it.) They love the computer effects, the sounds, and even the music. They know the theatrical score almost note for note.

Star Wars has created a huge craze all over the world. The fans of Star Wars fans are looked at as “geeks” or “nerds” by the so-called “cool” people. You can find a lot of trash talk about us on links such as Triumph.

The movies are viewed as legendary by the fans of Star Wars. The affects on me are unusual, I’m sure. For example, many of my pc notifications, email notifications, and cell phone notifications are sound bites and quotes from Star Wars.

My fantasy football team name is “Sith Happens.” (I’m sure that’s a shocker to most of you. A Star Wars fan/geek is a fantasy football player as well. Can you tell I’m being sarcastic with that remark?)

Even when I bought a new TV, I was “sold” when the sales representative popped in a Star Wars DVD to show how the up-scaling DVD player would show the images in HD quality. He had no clue I was a Star Wars fan. (Yes I bought the DVD player and home theatre system too.)

Music lovers of the world may not be fans of Star Wars, but they all know the works of the great John Williams and his work. He composed all of the music in the Star Wars saga which was performed by the world renowned London Symphony Orchestra. Other works by John Williams includes the Superman theme and Indiana Jones’ theme. I have CD’s and .mp3 files of all theatrical scores from the Star Wars saga. I’m a music lover, so I enjoy listening to the classical pieces from Mr. Williams.

I have watched the Star Wars episodes countless times. This week will be a special one for me. This being the 30th birthday of Star Wars, I plan to watch all six episodes as well as all bonus material in recognition of this historic day. Yeah I know, “get a life Anthony!” Well I don’t really have a life, but I’m always entertained by the awesome picture and THX Dolby Digital sound of X-Wing fighters flying and light sabers humming while relaxing in my recliner eating popcorn.

Star Wars has been big part of my childhood and current adult life. Hopefully I have enlightened some of you. If ever interested in more tidbits or useless facts, feel free to contact me.

“The force will be with you. . .always.” –Alec Guinness as Obi Wan Kenobi, Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope

Crack by Apple

I checked out Diggnation podcast and had to laff and agree with this guy on da iPad2. I will agree that it’s a REALLY NICE device, but there isn’t much difference from da original iPad. Sure you have 2 camera’s, but overall, it’s not much performance difference.

Check out this clip from Diggnation. Got some f-bombs in here, but I found it refreshingly hilarious. Check it out if u have a few minutes. I’m curious to hear your comments/thoughts. Share them below.


No Sibling Rivalry Here

I’ve been sitting at this desk today busy as usual. Whenever I know I’m gonna have an extended amount of time at my desk, i just play music. I pulled up my uncle’s music. My uncle Mac (Mac Arnold) is a pretty talented blues artist. And to this day, he is quick to give credit to my grandfather (his brother) for getting him “started” with guitar music.

Something told me to check out my Unc’s website for da heck of it to see what’s going on with his touring. Da site was obviously updated and more pages were added. I thoroughly enjoyed this page and its audio of my grandfather (pop) explaining how it all started theoretically, by building da “first guitar” aka da “gas-can guitar”. He STILL uses these guitars to this day.

Click on da image below to here da audio.

The "First Guitar" Story

The "First Guitar" Story

Thnx for readin, yall. And thx for sharing.