Where’s Da Value

Yesterday eve while listening to my various podcasts, a topic came to mind regarding value. I was listening/watching “This Week in Tech” aka TWiT and they started talking about new upcoming tech regarding camera lenses. Which later made one asks. . .does this new tech matter?

Seriously, these new lenses and chipsets will be cool, but how big is da market for ’em? If you look at most cameras being used today, they’re 5-8mp CELL PHONE cameras. I believe that flickr.com has stated that da #1 camera used on their site is da iPhone 4. Yeah there are going to be professional photographers looking into this new tech, but consumers may not even bother. Thoughts?

Then another item came to mind, photographs in general. With the cell phone being a widely used camera, pics are typically stored and/or uploaded. That’s about it. Remember da days of actually having film developed? Remember da craze of having a “photo” printer in your home? Just about every printer today is capable of printing photos, but do they get utilized for that? Between facebook, twitpic, flickr, and shutterfly, are pictures even found in their paper format? Remember photo albums? Not online ones. Do they exist?

Is da photograph like da US dollar of today? (losing value) (just kidding)

I know I’m pretty guilty of not printing pictures. It’s not a crime or anything, but where’s da value of an actual photo? Has it diminished?

While checking out “The Social Hour” podcast, they mentioned a VERY COOL site regarding photos. It’s not just “here’s a pic of me at da concert”. It’s more thought provoking and intimate. Check out Dearphotograph.Com. Users submit images of places with a past snapshot of da same place in their hand. I know my descrip aint all that great, so check out da pic below. How neat is that?!

***photo from dearphotgraph.com.***

Looking at that site made me want to go and find some old pics and try it out. (with a cell phone camera tho’)

What are you thoughts on the jibberish i’ve mentioned above? Comments are welcomed.

Thnx for readin this, yall.



2 thoughts on “Where’s Da Value

  1. You are so right. There’s very little value these days in anything printed–that includes publications AND the U.S. dollar, honestly. And losing value daily. As for lens improvements–well, my experience is that most professional photographers are A) poor as dirt and B) nevertheless willing to shell out SERIOUS cash for minor enhancements in their craft. An artist’s vice, I suppose.

    So I’m not too worried about the lens manufacturers. They’ll get enough value out of their product to stay in business. By the way, that’s fascinating about the iphone being the most common camera on Flickr. I always thought of it as being populated by mostly semi- and full-professional photographers. Phones take relatively crappy pictures compared to a decent DSLR or such. But then, I still take more phone pics than DSLR pics for the simple fact that the phone is ALWAYS with me, so I capture moments I would miss if I had to use my DSLR.

    Interesting questions, Ant. 🙂

  2. Thnx for readin, Mrs. Head. 🙂

    i haven’t owned a cam is several yrs. I bought one for phoebe, but I never used it. Didnt, like yourself, carry it around.

    -RAP, II

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