Hoping For Pilot Input

Sometimes I like to go to da airport and watch planes takeoff and land. (exciting, i know) Those big machines truly fascinate me. Every time I see a plane, I wonder how da pilots deal with the view. Especially on those flights across da country. Let me explain what I mean.

When you’re driving your car, you have all da other motorist to stare at, da different landmarks, etc. Pilots in those big “air bus” planes have. . .clouds. They don’t have da “brick house with da flag pole” as a landmark. Now maybe planes at lower altitudes have a different view. I don’t know. I got these images from google search. Let’s say this one image is correct if pilots were sitting there.

view from an airliner

Now look at da view from a car driver’s seat.

view from car driver's seat

See what I mean? I mean it can get boring looking at i-77 after 3 hours, but can you imagine staring at clouds for about 3 hours straight? No excitement of birds flying by that high.

I really wonder what pilots do on those long flights. Heck, what do they do on those flights from CA to CHINA? I’ve never been on a plane in my life so it would fascinate me regardless.

Yall have a good weekend. Feel free to comment.




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