Not here to preach, but I gotta share

Most of my readers know that throughout each and everyday, I want peace. Peace can be defined several different ways, but I pretty much define it as a calm, clear state of mind which leads to a level of happiness that cant be topped.

I got da above pic this morning on my way to church from someone that knows exactly how i feel about peace. Da pic is greatly appreciated. I said to myself that today is gonna be a peaceful day.

I got to church and all was well. Everything felt normal, comfortable, just as church should feel. Now granted in da past, there have been times where i was in church and was moved spiritually. Those instances can shake you up possibly or even make you look at yourself in da mirror a few times. But in either instance, I was glad it happened to me. Let me tell you about my experience today.

First, let me make things clear. No, i’m not a preacher so I will not be preaching to anyone reading this. No, i’m not “religious”, but I do believe in God and all that He says in the Bible that He will do for His people. I’m da guy that doesn’t have to be in church every single Sunday to feel my connection to God. But i’m also da guy that says there’s nothing wrong with people doing that. Now that we’re clear, I will proceed. I sat in my seat today and was listening to the pastor. Then out of nowhere, something said “close your eyes”. Note that I listen to my gut and my heart unlike any other person on this Earth. So I listened to da voice i heard and closed my eyes. (This was at the beginning of service)

Service continued and it was one of da best experiences for me. My eyes remained closed until da final prayer. A lot of things were said that i could solely relate to. I’ve been dealing with my own personal issues and battles on a daily basis. Constantly trying to have inner peace. Constantly trying to gain victory in my life. Today’s message truly seemed like it was pointed directly at me. It was a good thing. Each message seems to have a “theme” whenever I go to church. Guess what today’s theme was? “HEARING what God is trying to tell you.” I sat there throughout that service listening and listening and realizing the theme. It was a moving time and it felt GREAT.

I felt soooo fortunate to be able to “hear” what my spirit was telling me prior to da service. I had no idea what da service was gonna be about. Typically our pastor is strong on discussing one’s faith. But today was totally different. It moved me to where I felt convicted if I didn’t at least tell ONE PERSON about my experience today. So i figured I would blog it in hopes it would get to many.

I’m here to tell all of my readers that we are all experiencing some type of spiritual warfare one way or another. Some more so than others. But da battle is still there. I hope that each of you are able to continue to fight da good battle in spiritual warfare. Find YOURSELF. Find your PEACE. And continue to BOUNCE BACK from da obstacles and trials. Also, take a moment and be THANKFUL for da LIL things you have. Sure I want “stuff” and would go nuts without some of da “stuff” I have now. I can admit that’s sad. 🙂 But I don’t want to have a lot of “stuff” and not have any inner peace. Ya feel me?

I’m giving all of you readers a shout out. A shout out that each of you prosper and continue your quest for peace. When you get your peace and prosperity, be sure to “give back” and share it. Prosperity isn’t all about money. 😉 I’m sending a special prayer to two people here in da CLT area. They know who they are.

Ok. I’m done now. Yall have a good rest of da day. PLEASE SPREAD this post. I hope I have been able to provide some hope, light, inspiration, and/or peace in anyway with this.




4 thoughts on “Not here to preach, but I gotta share

  1. This is exactly the message I needed to read today. I’m definitely not at peace right now, but I’m working on finding it. Thank you for the inspirational words.

    • Well I feel good knowing that ONE person has been affected and needed this.
      It’s a daily battle to find peace. Trust me. But we all have to speak peace into our lives. Thank you for reading.

      -RAP, II

  2. Finally, you get it! Material things are just that material…but when you have PEACE, LOVE, and JOY you have it ALL. To receive these thing all you have to do is asked Him for them! And I’m a witness He will provide!

    Hallelujah!! Bless His Holy Name!!!

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