Which Audio Book? (open to readers)

Hey yall. As some of you know I’m trying my best to get more into books. I’m doing fairly well with Audiobooks as I have a membership with Audible. Currently, I’m also reading an eBook called Inferno. So far I’m about 5 chapters in and sorta have to force myself to read it.

Sadly, I’m just not a “book” person. This book, Inferno, is actually pretty interesting thus far. But I’m just not digging the “action” of reading a book, I guess.  Nah mean?  The audio books for me are much better because of the daily commute.  It’s like the radio.

Right now, I am stuck between deciding which audio book I should grab. Normally I’m a pretty decisive cat. This time, I’m stuck. Based on the descriptions/synopsis, can you all tell me which of the two I should dive into?

What are you all reading now? Care to share?

As usual, I thank all of you for your feedback and reshares of my content. This has been an amazing ride for a brotha thus far! Be sure to follow my Twitter and Google+ feeds for more content. Thanks, yall. Poll and descrips are below.


First audio book — click image for details
What Technology Wants

Second audio book — click image for details
The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman


6 thoughts on “Which Audio Book? (open to readers)

  1. Commenting here as I can’t comment on your linked post. I’m born in the 21st century and I still think owning and reading a hard copy of a book is unbeatable. While I love changing the font size, making the Kindle read to me and having a infintely more extensive library, traditional books are still FTW!

  2. I’ve actually taken up my reading again, but I don’t care for heavy litterature such as classics or class litterature. I read Harry Potter, The Fault in Our Stars (John Green), I started out on The Hunger Games… basically youth litterature. So I couldn’t really say what you should read based on those two options :).

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