Hey everyone, as you know I’ve been involved in a tech podcast called YATS (Yet Another Tech Show). We have recorded our 6th episode and figured out a way to video the show live. It ain’t perfect, but it’s GREAT until Google approves us for the Hangouts On Air. So each Wednesday night at 11pm eastern, you can log into yetanothertechshow.com/live and watch it as well as join our chat room.

Check out the vid. Thank you all SOOOO MUCH for your support. We are getting a ton of hits. Keep telling people about us in your facebook and twitter accounts and others.


Here’s the audio feed for episode 6: YATS – 6


http://www.justin.tv/widgets/live_embed_player.swfWatch live video from The Jamhole / Hot Box / BOS Cam 2 on www.justin.tv


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