My Opportunity to Play in Kid’s Chance of NC Golf Tourney

I was fortunate enough again to play in the Kid’s Chance charity golf tournament today. I’m grateful for the opportunity. Kid’s Chance gives scholarships and assistance to kids in NC who have parents that were seriously injured or killed on the job. More info about KCNC can be found here. The tourney was held on PGA course Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro, NC. This place is beautiful.

My foursome included my boss, and two other co-workers. We ain’t golfers, but who cares? It’s not working, and it’s fun.

Play began with a “lottery” ball. The plan was to have each player play a hole with the lottery ball throughout the round in a rotating manner. Come back after 18 holes with the ball, and it’s put in a raffle. First hole, who was up? ME. 😐 First shot with the lottery ball went a MILE (right). So I put us out of the drawing from the first swing. Typical. It did get better after that. We tied for the worst score of the day, but I felt good about my personal game considering I haven’t picked up a club in a year. I seriously think my weight lifting and yoga helped with my swing strength and swing flexibility. Now my hip hurts like heck, but I’ll deal with that.

It was a great day on the course as always. Golf, beer, food, laughs, good stuff. Here are some photos including a few HDR images I snapped. Thnx for reading and be sure to check out the Kid’s Chance of NC website for more information.



4 thoughts on “My Opportunity to Play in Kid’s Chance of NC Golf Tourney

  1. I think you know how much I love supporting strong charities. Glad you could do this, and have fun! Much love. -Ker

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