Da Storyteller

Do you all remember Awards Day from grade school?

Well today my lil’ 1st grader had his. I missed it this time, though. I have to share this bit of info. This kid, as I’ve said many times before, is gonna be my retirement plan. He’s a smart, charming, athletic, and good looking kid. He’s super competitive and totally confident in being who he is.

He got an award for being da best “storyteller” today. As I was told this, I couldn’t do anything but laff about it to myself and wonder “what in da heck has he been telling those classmates?” Like his younger brother, he definitely will talk your head off. Even get a lil’ dramatic with it. I guess the teachers saw this as well. I’m sure he’s been telling magical stories of Spongebob or tales of “Jax” da really fast dog that chases birds. Who knows.

Yall remember any awards u got from grade school or high school? If so, what were they? I remember senior superlatives.

Just wanted to give my boy, Isaiah, a shout out and props on getting an award. You da man, son!

Thnx for reading, yall. . . .



6 thoughts on “Da Storyteller

  1. Way to go! That KitKat is almost as big as he is!

    As a recovering overacheiver… I got the President’s Award sometime in grade school, an award for reading the most books in eighth grade, various language awards and a astronomy/geology award in high school, and I think a sports award once. Along with a great deal of little certificates throughout the years that I can’t remember…

    So spill, what were the senior superlatives?

    • Superlatives were categories based on “most/best”. There was “best dressed”, “best looking”, “smartest”, “most athletic”, etc.

      -RAP, II

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