Ok, Who’s With Me?

I just got finish eating my lunch. No bread at my desk, so I didn’t have my typical pnut butter and honey. Today i “splurged” and got some CHURCHES Chicken. I LOVE it! Nice, piping hot, crunch, and GREASY. I LOVE it!

But EVERY time i have fried bird, I get my idea in my head that i wish i could launch. What’s that idea? Fried chicken SKIN. I know in this world of boneless, skinless chicken i’m not in da norm. But when you bite into some fried chicken, da skin says “yeah u KNOW i’m good!”. I just wish it could be marketed more.

Example, some men watch football on their couch with a few uh. . .companions. Beer, chips, peanuts, wings, whatever. Why not replace those chips? Why not get a bucket or a box of deep fried chicken skin and eat ’em as chips? Come on, i know yall are feeling me on this.

Another example, guys go to the bar. Wanna order some wings or some of those homemade potato chips. Why not fried chicken skin? Mmmmm, fried chicken skin with splashes of good ol’ hot sauce. Come on, who’s with me? I would LOVE to get this idea out there for sale.

**Dont judge me. I love food. I love fried food too. And by God I move to give this world great fried food. Lol!**

Thanks for reading and commenting, yall.



One thought on “Ok, Who’s With Me?

  1. No thanks. The idea is not appealing to me. I’m just not much into fried food. But, good luck making your idea a reality!

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