I like that word. “Peace”. Not a bunch of letters, 1 syllable. Simple. “Peace”. But I tell ya, i think such a simple word is hard to come by. Why is that? Is it because how of one may define da word peace?

What’s your definition of peace? Some say tranquility. Some say, no battles at hand. I look at da word and define it as a state of mind where all is well. No internal conflicts, no spiritual warfare.

I believe that one’s tongue is one of the most powerful parts of da body. (No sexual innuendos this time) But I i believe that what you say can affect many things with you as well as what your mind thinks. So I’m gonna take this moment and profess “peace” unto me and to anyone that reads this post.

No spiritual warfare. No life stresses. No internal strongholds. So when u get a sec, just say da word “peace” aloud. (you don’t have to YELL it, 🙂 ) Just say it. Hopefully we can call get a lil’ bit of it rolling in our environments. Don’t be scared, just say it. I say all da time. 🙂

Have a good day and feel free to check out da daily trivia challenge link on da right as well as today’s featured artist.




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