gotta love hackers

What’s up, yall?  I just wanted to remind you all to be sure to change your passwords periodically.  I know it’s not common practice, but it may help in da long run.  I know two people that had their twitter accounts hacked.  Sure it could have been a bunch of different ways hackers can try, but at da least try to protect yourselves with account access limitations.

I say, just change your password.  Don’t make it so obvious either.  (I’m assuming yall know all this stuff, but i felt it needed to be said)  Anyway, make it simple enough for u to remember, but difficult enough to where it’s not obvious.  DON’T use your kid’s name or pet’s name or some EASY crap like that.

Anyway, hope yall are having a descent and peaceful  Sunday.  Catch yall another time.



PS:  I’ll provide some different content later.  Not just PSA’s. 🙂

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