Simple Pleasures

This is a quick hitter. Just mindless, random stuff from me. There are tons more, but I’m just letting these fly out.

Simple Pleasures (random order)

1. The sleep between snoozed alarms

2. The flavoring/seasoning from your favorite bag of chips that gets stuck to your fingers

3. #DaSauce that gets stuck to your fingers after you finish eating ribs

4. Knowing you did something nice and helpful for someone else

5. Being thanked

6. Terry cloth robe on as soon as you’re out of da shower

7. Smell of red meat cooking on an open fire

8. Hearing your children laughing in another room

9. The “clank” of weights in a gym

10. Knowing those that are close to you are peacefully sleeping

11. the first sip of a cold beer after a freshly mowed lawn

12. cold pizza on a Saturday morning

13. letting that fart go in public and not caring who heard you or smells you

14. knowing you’re listened to and heard when you’re speaking

15. doing absolutely nothing

16. sinking a putt you knew you normally wouldn’t make

17. fixing an appliance/gadget you broke

18. being a part of something big

19. that moment after you finish brushing your teeth

20. Tears of joy

Feel free to share your simple pleasures.


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