Ant Pruitt: The Show (Pilot)

This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for just a little while.  Welcome.  This is the Ant Pruitt: The Show.

The below link should open up an audio player

As most of you know, my writing here on my blog usually rolls around mindless or tech stuff.  My show will have just a taste of that.  I want “The Show” to be a weekly rundown of some topical items in the world of news, tech, sports and so forth.  I’d also like to use this show to share thoughts and observations I have.

I would like for this to be interactive and would love (and appreciate) your feedback.  I’m gonna ask questions pertaining to the topics at hands because I’m curious to know more about you as readers and listeners of my content.  This will be great for me and other listeners/readers to know about the audience.  So don’t be shy, speak up and out.  Your comments are welcomed.

I’d like to try to do this weekly, but I haven’t figured out an exact day of the week to do so just yet.  You all know I spend a lot of time working, writing, podcasting on aNewDomain, Yet Another Tech Show, Attack of the Androids and my newest endeavor the Smartphone Photographers Hangout on Air.  And I’m a father so that takes up time in the week as well.

Anyway, I’m gonna primarily make this an audio show and hope to have subscription options available to you all.  You know, like other podcasts or even add it in iTunes.   But anyway, here’s the pilot.  I hope you enjoy it.  These will be short and sweet.  Thanks for listening and thanks for your continued support.

The below link should open up an audio player


11 thoughts on “Ant Pruitt: The Show (Pilot)

  1. Cool, looking forward to it. Request: Could you add it to iTunes? I love the Podcasts on my iPhone as it kills boredom when I’m stuck offline, and YATS, LifeHacker and StackExchange are must-follow ones.

  2. Why you hatin?! You left out Dunta Robinson. Dang.

    Yeah, the South is weird when it comes to buying emergency supplies. Here, we buy generators if you don’t have one, and then pray that the price of gas stays low. Plug the fridge into the generator and keep on rocking.

    Good show overall.

    If I remember correctly, the 49ers like Swiss cheese. 😛

    • Thank you, Mike! Bro I love ya and really appreciate your continued support. YOU have been there for me. THANK YOU. This here show is gonna be a fun one. As I rebuild my site, I hope the subscription options are plentiful for on-the-go listening.

      -RAP, II

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