Humbling, but All Good

***warning. This is my first mobile blog posting. My typos are usually horrible, don’t expect it to be better via mobile.  😉 ***

So today I took a trip to my gym here in town. The plan, do exercises that will rehab my left quads and stretch. Also, weigh myself. 

My mission has been accomplished.  I have to say that rehab is not for the faint of heart.  If you don’t know, I’m a fairly strong guy for my age. (Not that I’m old, but I know i’m in better shape than most other people 35yr old black men that aren’t pro athletes.) I have been proud of my fitness dadgumit.

So today I started with the bike as usual to get the blood flowing. No biggie, right? Wrong! Man my quads were BURNING after two dadgum minutes of light pedaling. I got through my ten minutes and it was time for the exercises my therapist instructed me on.

Single-leg leg extensions
Hmm. I knew to take it light. Slapped on 10 pounds and went at it….well, almost. Freakin 10 pounds was HEAVY. My bean pole of a leg quivered with every rep. 3 sets of 10. Done. SWEATING.

Single-leg leg curls
This had been my weakness in history. This time, I was able to do 20 pounds. 3 sets of 10. Done. Still sweating like crazy.

Single-leg leg press
This freakin machine has always hated me. The feeling is mutual, buddy. 3 sets of 10 at 10 pounds. Tearfully done.


I finished up with a few floor exercises and stretching. (Whew) I lied on the floor next to my cane exhausted and amazed. Never in my life has 10 pounds felt so heavy. It’s very humbling. I got through it, though.

I’m still amazed at the difference in how my actual hip socket feels. I don’t feel any pain in there at all. I guess it’s because it’s not mine. 🙂 My pain and aches are strictly in the muscles around it. That’s promising to me because I know muscle pain can be worked out or massaged out. Can’t do that with bones. Nah mean?

To date I definitely feel the weakness currently in my muscles. It’s almost like they can’t keep my thigh bone and hip stabilized. The best description I can come up with is my leg feels like a pendulum is in there.

Oh and my last part of the plan, my weight. Fortunately, i’ve only lost five pounds. I feel good about this. My previous surgery saw me lose almost 20 pounds. This is because when I stop working out with weights, I lose weight. It’s always been that way. My body’s blessing is also a curse. Some of you may remember my “lighter” days.

Only being down five pounds means I can drink a few more beers today 🙂

Anyway, just wanted to write (because I’m a writer) and update those of you who care about my health. I thank you all for the love and support you show me. I thank God for the healing He’s putting on me. I look forward to hearing from those of you closest to me.

For my SOI folks, feel free to forward this to other SOI employees. I don’t wanna send a mass message and have HR giving me a “policy lecture.” Thnx for reading!




4 thoughts on “Humbling, but All Good

  1. Way to stay strong in mind, heart, and body, Ant. You’ve got a huge team of friends cheering you on. Be careful, and safe, and your typical awesome self.

    • Yeah I’m gonna be careful, lil lady. Just sticking strictly to what my therapist instructed me on. Boy was I tempted to do some other stuff while in the gym today, but I moved on. 🙂
      Thanks so much for your continued support, Kerri. 🙂

      -RAP, II

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