+1 Week Hip Surgery Update

Today has been a better day for me. Thank you to all of you for your support. I am still sore, still loopy from oxycodone, but got a little more flexibility today.

Two of my quad muscles are still pretty swollen (vastus medialus, rectus femorus for u medical geeks)and makes my leg look weird, but the strength is slowly building too. 


My view from my hospital bed

The pain I feel is primarily in my femur and not my hip. I can definitely feel the implant. It’s cool and weird at the same time. 


One of my great nurses

The hiccups are managed now, though I lost my voice yesterday from saying “hiccup” a thousand times. 

I look forward to working out with my home nurse more and slowly weaning off of the oxy soon. 


The scar

Again, thank you all for the support, prayers and well wishes.
Time to shut my eyes.



14 thoughts on “+1 Week Hip Surgery Update

  1. Been sending love – as thorough and pure love as I can send your way. Prayers too. I’m so glad you have great medical attention, and that you’re doing as well as we all knew you would do.
    Keep working, Ant!
    xoxo, Ker

  2. We missed you tonight on YATS — not as much fun without ya. This is a nasty looking scar! Glad to hear the pain is diminishing and you will be starting home therapy — things are looking up. See you back on YATS soon, Larry

  3. Thanks for the update! Prayers from me for your speedy and event-free recovery. (On a lighter note, Scars are the absolute best prop EVER, when you are telling Pirate Bedtime Stories to the young ones in your circle….. “AAARRRGGG…. an’ then the yellow-bellied liver-lip scally wag pulled out his deck knife and, right before I threw him off the bow….. he gave me THIS!… (Points to scar). “Now he’s shucking oysters off of Davy Jones’ locker.!!!! ……. Which one of you wants to try the same thing….”

    Also, I am 3/4 of the way through some of the best Spicy BBQ sauce in a mason jar that I have at my house that was a Christmas gift from my secret Santa. Intel states that you were the chef. BRAVO. I put it on everything…. last night was Spicy BBQ Pizza…… Score.

    • Thanks for your prayers and support, Ross!
      My hardheadz ain’t gonna fall for the pirate tale tho’. 😉

      And far as #DaSauce, thank you and I’m glad you like it. I truly believe it’s the best damn sauce out available. 😉

      -RAP, II

  4. Hi Anthony,
    I see that you are doing better. I’ve been asking around about you. So glad to see you are up and about. May God bless you…

    • Hey thanks, Angela. 🙂

      I’m unbelievable as always. My hip socket feels great today, my thigh muscles are slowly getting stronger. This has been an amazing journey. I am so thankful for the healing God is putting on my body.

      -RAP, II

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