Holiday Shopping 2012

Hey what’s going on, everyone? This holiday season will be full of shopping which may include shopping for computer gadgets, I’m sure. For those of you buying computers for yourself or a loved one, are you aware that more than likely it will be running Windows 8? Did any of you buy a PC on Black Friday? If so, did it come with Windows 8?

For those of you currently running Windows 8, I’d like to know what you think of it. I slapped together a quick screen sharing vid of my Windows 8 experience this weekend. I broke down and made the $40 upgrade. Since that afternoon, I’ve learned a thing or two. I still have a ways to go on how to navigate in Windows 8, but I’m gonna give it a fair shake before I pass judgement on it. What are your thoughts? Check out my video below. Be sure to comment, like/disklike so I know what yall think.

Thanks for reading and watching, everyone.



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**UPDATE 12/4/2012** I’m finding better use of the “Charm” menu, but this will still take some practice.


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