ClemsonVTTweetup October 20, 2012

What a heck of a day in Tigertown! I really don’t know where to begin with this post.  For three years (that I’ve been a part of) some of my favorite people and Clemson Tiger fans have gathered for a predetermined game each season.  We usually start picking a date in the summer, allowing everyone to work out schedules.  This is key because this is a group of friends that have all met over Twitter, which means folks are different parts of the country.

First off, let me give a thanks to my man Jason Czar* and his wife Rachel. They get everyone on point with the game to choose, the Google Doc which includes who’s bringing what, the rendezvous point and the tailgating spot. Lots of moving parts go into this event and Jason gets us all squared away.

Jason and Rachel. I love these two people.

Here’s a snapshot of the official #ClemsonVTTweetup.

As you can see, we take this fun event seriously. But anyway, the build up for the Tweetup is part of the fun. The last year I was able to meet up the Friday night before the game with more people I love dearly. My friends Cindy with her husband Alan and one of my closest friends on Twitter, Kerri. This year allowed for myself and the #hardheadz to meet up again. First off, thank you to Cindy and Alan for buying our dinner. We met at a local bar which was very loud, but it was still VERY nice to see everyone. My kids enjoyed seeing everyone again after a year. They were truly excited.

Here are the #hardheadz with Kerri and Kesley, Alan and Cindy’s daughter

Jason and his friend Brian met us as well. It was nice to see him after a year and meeting the “new guy” and “enemy”, Brian. Brian is a Virginia Tech grad.Here you can see one of my hardheadz being his usual self while I took pics of Cindy, Alan and Jason.

We didn’t want to hangout too long because tailgating was to start around 7:30am for our noon kickoff. So we all went to get a few hours of sleep and hydration.  But before we go, I had to grab a pic with Kerri.  And yes, I look damn good in this pic.

I wanted to get up by 5:40 to pick up my sister by 6:30 and be in Clemson by 7. That didn’t happen. My alarm didn’t go off, but fortunately, I suck at sleeping so I was up at 6:10. I rushed to go pick up my sister Sheena, and while driving my alarm finally goes off. #Fail When I set the alarm Friday night, the alarm said it will go off in “5 hours and xxx minutes.” When I saw the 5 hour quote, I thought the alarm couldn’t do math properly. It clearly should have been 4 hours, but I just let it go and didn’t think about it. I guess I didn’t set it properly since it actually went off when it was supposed too. Smh

We get to our rendezvous, met a few people and head on out to our tailgating spot. Roughly 8am, tailgating had officially started.  Folks continue to roll in, the grill was fired up, and the beverages were flowing.  We missed our man Frank and Dennis.  Frank has brought his beloved Clemson table which is great for drinking games.  Dennis brings the all-mighty Apple pie moonshine.  Hopefully next year, gents.

We spent this time doing our thing socializing with other fans, eating damn good food and getting to know more about our ONE GUY in the group that was a Virginia Tech fan.  Brian was really cool.   I mean, at least he brought bourbon with him.  He also sported a very nice shirt that had “gobble, gobble bitches” on it.  Sadly, he continued to dribble his drink on himself a few times so you couldn’t really see what the shirt said. (jk)

I always like to keep and eye out on my sister.  I have to make sure she’s ok and no numbnuts are hitting on her and she’s doin’ ahite.  So I look for her and found her sitting in a chair.  Well. . .not sitting. . . .

Sheena down for the count
Seriously, sis? You gonna fall asleep up in our tailgate? I told her she’s lucky I didn’t have a marker. It would have been on.

I was able to meet more cool people. First there’s Wyatt (Ryan) and Carl from Charleston. These guys killed me. They were so dadgum funny and had the best stories.

Then there was Erica. She braved it. Erica wasn’t feeling well. I felt bad for her. She had cold-like symptoms and just felt so miserable. She took a good picture though. 🙂

With this being Military Appreciation weekend, there was a different type of energy in the air. Passionate football fans, but even more passionate fans of our country. There’s usually different ceremonies and festivities before and during the game. The game was great as the Tigers pulled to a 38-17 victory. It was really loud in Death Valley. And then there was Brian. . . .

Not only did he dribble his beer on his shirt (again), but he walked outta Death Valley with a wicked “lobster tan” with a side of “farmer’s tan.” Yes. We made fun of him and laughed at him.

With all due respect, Brian was a great sport about it all. Clemson fans are classy. We have fun, but that’s it. No hard feelings were there between any of us. It was just a fun time.

Finally, I took the opportunity to share some “economic history” with the hardheadz. Outside of Anderson, SC you can find cotton fields. I’m sure most of us never see them these days with most of our manufacturing being done elsewhere, but it’s nice to see this field. It reminds me of stories my grandfather used to tell me about his days of picking cotton as a kid and how it used to hurt everyone’s hands. I wanted the hardheadz to see the value of cotton today, not only from a standpoint of what their t-shirts are made of, but what it meant to people like us (blacks) over the centuries in American history.

cotton plant

hardhead in cotton field

Anyway, I could go on and n about this weekend. If you’re a Clemson fan and are on twitter, you need to follow me and my friends. It’s a great family of people. If you want to see more of the pics, I have a slideshow or more images here.

Thanks for reading, everyone!


PS: Here’s a vid of the hill running that day. (amazing)


13 thoughts on “ClemsonVTTweetup October 20, 2012

  1. Wow, that’s really cool and looks like a really nice weekend—there’s a certain sweetness to the camaraderie. I swear, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that sometimes Clemson fans seem almost human…

    • Yeah we’re usually SUPER HUMAN when it comes to our fandom. 🙂

      Thnx for reading, Greg. Sorry about the gamecocks this weekend, well not really, but i wasn’t expecting a score like that.

      -RAP, II

  2. Thanks for the recap, Ant! Since my blog has shifted gears, I have no where to elaborate on the festive wknd activities…so, I’ll direct people to your post!
    I miss you and those hardheadz already!
    Hopefully, the whole gang can be there next year (that includes Brian again!).

    • Sweet! Thanks, Kerri! I know you have lots of readers and I’d love to have ’em. 🙂

      It was so much fun as usual. We all love you, lady. You and the Carters are great folks.

      -RAP, II

  3. I notice I’m no longer “little lady” (rightfully so!). Time to get back to running and “Asylum”. 🙂 Just teasing you. You know I had to get a little dig in. (hugs) back.

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