Thanks to Friends

What’s going on everyone? I wanted to write up a lil’ thank you note. Yesterday was a day of ups and downs and I found myself really in need of my friends. As usual, these two cats were right there. I love these dudes and I’m grateful for them. My man Dennis Thompson aka “the Hulk” and my man Daniel Sapp aka “DSizzle.”

Gents, I appreciate what you all did for me yesterday. Yall are good people and I think others should know about it.

This song describes my thoughts fairly well. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Also, check out my friends on social media.

Dennis on Google Plus
Dennis on Twitter

Daniel on Google Plus
Daniel on Twitter



6 thoughts on “Thanks to Friends

  1. Great people, indeed! Wish we could all join up this wknd. Grateful y’all are friends of mine as well. Glad your friends helped you out, Ant.

  2. First off, The video’s are ALLSOME!!!! I use to watch both of those shows!!! Second, I’m Proud to have you as a friend. It’s not every day I get to use a male friend as an example for my 15 year old. Yesterday we were talking about jobs and what he wanted to do after high school. He mentioned computers and maybe messing around with a web show about games. He was blown away that I actually new some one and he was black that was making it in that field. He may have questions in the future for ya! I can’t help be proud for all you have achieved. Again it’s been a eye opener knowing you!

    • Hey thanks for reading and your kind words. Yeah it’s not many black men doing what I do. At least I don’t see many. I worked hard and still work hard for what I have achieved as well as pray. Tell your son to start with those two things and yes, ask me questions at any time

      -RAP, II

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