7 thoughts on “What Do Ya Do?

  1. Oh wow, you just described 80% of my days… When just about everything goes wrong.

    What I do? Well, I go to the gym (if it’s OPEN, that is ~ because sometimes it’s closed for no good reason) and run my self silly on the treadmill. That pretty much does the job.

    If I still did, I would smoke tons of cigarettes. I eat chocolate instead. And play some violent videogame, going all “Hahahaha, take THAT freaking monster!!!”. I don’t socialize though, because when those days appear it just feels like the skin turns inside out and all the nerves twitch as soon as something even comes near. Don’t need to say I’m a loner, right…

    Anyway, hope today is better 🙂 and hugs for those days that aren’t.

  2. My way now to get over a bad day depends on what happened. If it was a physically challenging day, i try to watch something that makes me laugh on Comedy central, kinda of let the body recover. If it was a mental challenge, working out is the remedy. Seems to have the right balance for me. Hope its better for you today. G+4life. Lol

  3. Any day above ground is a blessed day . I do not tend to have bad days . Some days are better than others but not bad days. Life Happens ! On some of those not so great days I tend to think about there being somebody , somewhere that is having a way worse day than I am and then things begin to look up . Optimism makes you happy ! Part of the reason of why bad days are bad days are because of the way we think about them and how we let them affect us . Great post !

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