Gotta Love Fantasy Football

Most know how I feel about football, but I’ve grown to enjoy fantasy football more and more. The craze of fantasy football has now encompassed the sports nuts and jocks, not just geeks and nerds.

(I’m not going to admit which group I fall into.)

This year, I’m in 3 leagues. I’ve been in 5 at the most simultaneously. Fantasy football has brought back a lost joy I had for pro football (NFL). I’m a Green Bay Packers fan for pro ball, but over the years, seeing a Packers game was hard to do here in the south. Therefore, my NFL joy died down.

Having fantasy football has made the games way more interesting over the last six years. Even though I can’t stand the Dallas Cowboys, I have to root for their tight end to have a good game. This also makes my interest level in nondescript games just ratchet up.

There’s also the comradery involved in fantasy football. So much smack-talk going on from week to week. “Your team couldn’t get lucky with a 25 cent hooker.” You know, stuff like that.

Team names are always cool to see. Some guys/gals get rather creative with their team names. Some of my team names include:

Sith Happens
Dang ol’ Football

For those of you that play, what are some of your favorite team names? How many of you ladies play fantasy football?

Hit me up in the comments.



4 thoughts on “Gotta Love Fantasy Football

  1. I’ve been running a keeper league for 9 years now. We have a solid core and have grown over the years. The competition can get a little testy when the rivals play.

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