Ultrabook Market

A few years back, the MacBook Air set a trend on portable computing for on-the-go consumers.  This market has now grown into an “ultrabook” craze.  Sure there are tablets galore available, but what about consumers wanting to be more productive and not just have a “read-only” device?

I love the size of some of the ultrabooks out there as well as the MacBook Air.  They may not have the most powerful hardware, but they are still quite adequate in just getting stuff done.  The below video from one of my favorite podcasts, Tekzilla, demos the technology in the chips to making these ultrabooks a viable computer.  The eye candy is quite nice, but they’re also USEFUL.

Shout out to Robert Heron and Tekzilla.

What are your thoughts on the ultrabook market and the future of the market?

Hit me up in the comments.


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