Hip Update

***Sorry if I ramble a bit***

I wanted to give an update. I’ve been amazed by the concern people have shown me. Thank you to all that genuinely care about my situation. It’s really appreciated.

Anyway, I believe I previously mentioned that it started to look like my right hip was going to need a replacement back in June 2012. I recently had an MRI and it was proven as such. I had thought my right hip was beginning to feel the way my left hip felt prior to my “repair” surgery. The MRI showed that cartilage is beginning to tear away from my hip socket. On certain motions, this leads pain in my right hip since the bones are beginning to rub.

My right hip has taken a beating in part because of the limping on my left leg, but also because my right femur is shaped funny at the top as well. This causes impingement and basically begins a scraping off of the cartilage because my hip socket is pinching down on a protruding portion of my femur. Nothing could have been done about this. It’s just the way God made me.  The shaded area below marks the protrusion on my right hip.  As that bone rotates into the hip socket, it scrapes cartilage.

In December, I will be having replacement surgery on my left hip only. I initially wanted to replace both hips. Unfortunately, it’s not the best idea for me due to my current living conditions. So my left, the really bad hip, will be replaced right around Christmas. I hope to have my right hip replaced soon there after in 2013. I’m also hoping the FDA will approve a specific technology to give me more of my previous active lifestyle back. As some of you may know, replacements only last for about 20 years max. The more wear you put on it, the lower that max year gets. The new tech has been approved in Europe and is give better wear results. Currently, the FDA has approved pieces of the implants for people smaller than I am. My surgeon and I are hoping for an approval in Q4 in 2012. If it’s not approved, I will be fitted with the best tech available.  Sure it’s limited, but he advised that he would work it out for me for easier replacement upon arrival of new tech (if needed).

It took a while, but I accepted the fact that though I’m still young, I may have to “hang up the cleats.” If the new technology doesn’t happen for me in time, I’m willing to hang up my cleats and continue to better my current workout regiment and schedule. Sure God made my bones the way He did and it caused problems, but He also made the rest of my body able to maintain a certain health status that I’m quite proud of. I know a lot of 35 year old black guys that don’t have my same chemistry and fitness. I look good to be my age. I’m proud that I can still wear clothes from high school 15 years ago. (Yes I still have some items) It comes from hard work and blessings from Him.

Replacement recovery time will be approximately 4-6 weeks, but most of the “hear say” I’ve heard has been more like 2-3 weeks. I’m fine with either front. I’ve done 8 weeks of bed rest recovery before and survived it. I have endured 3 years of this off and on pain. I’ve endured the heartache of limitations on a personal and family level. I am ready to battle the recovery and rehab time.

But anyway, that’s the skinny on me. This summer was difficult to swallow due to the limitations. I wanted to do so much with my hardheadz physically because they begged for it. I wanted to do things for myself because my mind needed it. Even yoga has become almost impossible. (almost) I look forward to the surgery and yet another chapter in my life and my hardheadz’ lives. My youngest one told me just the other day “Daddy, I’ve never seen you walk normal.” I thought about it and he’s probably right. He was 3 when I had my surgery so he may not remember me walking normal. That hurt me a lot, but I’m still very optimistic for him to see me walking right. I’ve had a lot of things I’m unsure of the past year, but I know for sure those lil rascals care about me as their father. They’ve proven it over and over again and I’m grateful.

Again, THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart. I’m someone that’s far from a people person and really don’t socialize much, but somehow built great relationships with people from different walks of life that genuinely give a crap about me. If you have any questions, feel free to holla at me in the comments.  If I deem something too private, I’ll discuss it outside of my blog.




16 thoughts on “Hip Update

  1. AP, I admire your positive attitude throughout the past 3 years. I pray that you have a successful surgery and recovery/rehabilitation. Remember that all things are possible through him. God Bless!

  2. Anthony,
    Please know that I am here for you. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know including taking the hardheadz off your hands if that is what you need. I am so proud to call you my friend. It has been a wonderful experience watching you grow into the wonderful man you are. I am especially proud to see what a great father you have become.

  3. Anthony,
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that all goes well. You know if you and Phoebee need anything, you just need to holla and I will be there!

  4. Hey Ant, I read this the other day, and meant to respond sooner. I’m so glad to hear that you’re going to be getting surgery on your hip. You’ve shown such strength and resilience since I’ve met you – you’re a force! I’m confident that you’ll recover quickly and well! I’ll keep you in my prayers, with fingers crossed for the FDA to approve the treatment you’re really hoping for. (too bad you’re such a hulk! 😉 )

    And, I am looking forward to seeing you next month!

    • Nah I’m not a hulk (yet). Lol!
      Thanks for your comments, lil lady. Definitely been an interesting fight. I look forward to the Clemson Tweetup and seeing you as well. 🙂 (hugs)

      -RAP, II

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