6 thoughts on “Apple September 12th Product Expectations

  1. Hey, Ant. You asked about the iPod and said you were not sure if it had a future since everyone’s phone can play music. I listen to a lot of podcasts while at the gym and doing sports and would not want to keep a bulky phone in my pocket or strapped to my arm. I use a little Sansa Clip and, if I were to switch to an iPod, it would have to be the Nano I guess — I surely would not want a big one.

    Is there any reason to choose an iPod Nano over my Sansa Clip other than the cool colors — the pink one would be awesome at the gym — and the opportunity to pay a lot of $ for a proprietary cable?

  2. Seems like this launch was a dud from what is streaming through my social media followings.

    Does anyone still own an iPod? Do they still make the Nano? I have not heard any thing about the Nano in ages since the last update to it.

    Plus all of those things are about to be obsolete with the new pin size for the connector.

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