Drives Me Nuts

I wanted to do an answer to my “Simple Pleasures” post, but go in a different direction. What are some of the things that just drive you nuts each day? Here’s a quick stab listing from me:

1. Drivers not using their turn signal

2. YouTube or any video that says “buffering”

3. Unexpected vegetables in my meal

4. People that ask you to keep in touch, but NEVER reciprocate

5. Parents that decide not to take care of their children

6. A man that doesn’t know how to change a tire on a car or bicycle

7. That feeling of a booger is in my nose and I dig and look and there’s nothing there

8. “Friends” that only ring my phone when they have a computer problem

9. Women that won’t directly ask for help with something like changing a tire or fixing something, but instead they just hint at things and try to butter you up with their looks. (i’m not THAT lonely)

10. Washing the car and it rains the next day

11. Getting clean clothes out of the washing machine for loading into the dryer – something ALWAYS drops on the dirty floor. It’s usually something white

12. The second I attempt to consume media on my cell phone, someone CALLS MY CELL PHONE

13. Pouring half/half into my fresh cup of coffee and it comes out in chunks

14. The last 2 hours of a work day at the office

15. Someone sends me an email and then calls minutes later to say “did you get my email?”

16. Idiotic use of Reply-all in email clients

17. The bottom of my feet feeling dirty

18. The idiots on Call of Duty that have their household on the mic during gameplay

19. Twitter spam

20. Politicians

21. The hole in your sock that forms around your big toe

22. People that run/bump into me in public. I’m pretty easy to see. 6’2”, bald, BLACK MAN, usually wearing an ORANGE tee shirt. You can’t miss me

23. The “low fuel” light in my vehicle

24. “We’re sorry. Your card was declined.”

25. Canadian Geese

What are some of yours?



2 thoughts on “Drives Me Nuts

  1. People that ask the same question over and over again.
    People that ask questions with obvious answers.
    People that refuse to think and want you to do the thinking for them.
    Unclean restaurant bathrooms.
    People sneezing and coughing without covering their mouth.
    Adults who let their children run wild (example they are hanging on the rack in a store).
    Dirty finger nails

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