Follow Friday and Shout Outs

What’s up, everyone?

I wanted to do a mindless post today that is a part self-promotion, part social media recommendations, and part shout out.

First off, the shout outs. This week marked the birthdays of three special people in my life.

#1. Crystal “Christy” Holloway. This is my sister. She turned 33 on Monday 3/26. My sister and I ain’t never had that closest relationship, but I love her dearly and I know she loves me as well. If something was to go down with her, I will do my best to help and be there for her. I hope she knows that. I love you, sis.

#2. Mark Hicks. This cat is a guy I work with here at SOI. I’ve been at SOI for 11 years now. Mark was one of the first people that came to me on DAY ONE when I started at SOI. He introduced himself, asked about my background, and told me about the ins-outs of office politics. This is my first ever corporate job and I was totally clueless. Mr. Hicks is upper management and I always found it cool that he was just a “normal guy” and flat out cool to me. He is also the guy that help find great seats for Epic Road Trip 2012 to Miami. Monday was his birthday as well. Happy birthday, Mr. Hicks. Even tho you find ways to tear up a computer just by looking at it, I still love ya, bro’.

#3. Joey Woodruff. Like Mark, Mr. Woodruff is the other person to just come up to me and introduce himself. He’s an exec here and became one of my closest friends. This guy is one of the biggest smart asses I know. I was introduced to his family and I love them all. I had the priviledge to meet his father, Joe. This man used to come to the office and joke around with me and be a smart ass too. It was all in fun and love. I have a great deal of respect for him as well. And when he passed a few years back, I hurt for the Woodruff family because I knew how cool and great a man he was. Today is Joey’s birthday. Happy birthday, Jdub. I know you got a big gig lined up by your wife and kids for today right? Right? (crickets) Probably not. (lol!) Love ya, bro’.

Now my recommendations on social media. I’d like to do a Follow Friday rec for some people on twitter.

— @JissJayJune and @onlyda_strong. These folks are family from my church. They have been helpful when i needed them and I care a great deal about ’em. Even tho they have tarheel allegiance

— @Gorilla_Vanilla. This is my affectionately known “cuz”. He’s a meathead, geek, and accounting guru. (none of that matches, right?) But my man has been there for me in more ways than he realizes. Been a pretty ruff and hectic time for me, but he’s had perfect timing on when to reach out and when to just be “cuz”. Thanks, big D. Tip my shot glass of apple pie moonshine to ya.

— @teleotiger, @dsap24, @kerriak, @clemsonrebekah, @dmyii, @toesinthesand22, @jennifervides, @blogshotnetwork, and @getinthemoney. These folks have been VERY supportive in my endeavors of tech and geekdom as well as #DaSauce that I produce and sell. So If you’re on twitter, follow these people for some good and entertaining tweets. Thank you all.

Now. Self-promotion.

As you all may already know, I’m writing and doing a weekly tech podcast now. Be sure to subscribe to those sites for me please. Just go to and (YATS) for the subscription options. Easy as pie, I promise.

I’m really enjoying this venture. Last night I was called up to do another podcast as a guest and truly enjoyed it. It’s called Attack of the Androids. Android lovers should check it out here. Follow me on twitter at @ihavnolyfe and follow my the show at @yatspodcast.

Thank you everyone for reading and supporting me.




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