All Up In Your Ears

Being a creature of habit, it goes without saying that I’m set in my ways. So as I started rolling out of the house to work, I grabbed my usual gear and most importantly, my ear buds. I’ve pretty much given up on radio, so my commute listening pleasures are usually piped from my dash-mounted DroidX cell phone. But since my vehicle is an older car, there’s no auxiliary jack on it to play the audio via car speakers. So, ear buds it is.

I get in my car today and thought, “I should probably order another set of these (ear) buds.” Why? Because I LOVE ’em! They’re comfortable and most importantly, they’re FUNCTIONAL. Today’s consumer market has us all sold on buying things based on their looks and convenience, but how often do you hear about “it just works”? (Well maybe you hear that about the iPhone, but I digress)

Sure there are plenty of bluetooth ear pieces available or bluetooth headsets for that matter. But have you HEARD how those things sound? I’m not here to knock on great companies like Jawbone and their revolutionary engineering design to help eliminate ambient noise during calls, but still, nothing seems to beat a WIRED set of ear buds.

We have all had those phone calls, whether you’re receiving or making it. “What?” “Wait, I can’t hear you.” “Ah let me just take this ear piece out!”

Better yet, as I reach out to you gamers, you’re playing Call Of Duty online trying to focus on the mission, but all of a sudden you hear someone’s MOM screaming through your speakers “your room is a mess!” Well maybe that’s a little different. That’s possibly the PTT (push-to-talk) feature isn’t enabled. Either way, most of the online gamers of consoles such as PS3 or Xbox 360 are using bluetooth devices for chatting. And they all sound HORRIBLE. But anyway. . . .

I’m quite proud of my wired set. DroidX ear buds by Motorola

They sound just good enough for the magical price of roughly $6. I also own a wired USB headset for my playstation 3. Sure I have a 16′ cord running across my floor as I’m playing, but it’s ok. I won’t trip over it if I’m SITTING ON MY COUCH. And like the moto ear buds, this thing sounds GREAT. No ambient noise.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Speak out geeks, closet geeks, and those that just want items to work!
If it were up to you, would you go with a wireless solution? Or does the convenience of no wires matter to you at all?

One more thing, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2012) had a featured vendor called Sonomax. They showed off their new DIY in-ear-canal headphones. These are wired, but I wonder if they have a wireless solution and if it will sound just as good. Apparently, they will not fall out of your ears because they’re molded to you only. As seen here.

Anyway, thoughts?

Wired head sets, wireless head sets, or neither. Your comments are welcomed.

Thnx for reading, yall.



8 thoughts on “All Up In Your Ears

  1. I agree with you AP. I much prefer the clarity of ear buds over the “convienience” of wireless. After all, how convienient is it when your lines of communication are poor. By the way, I use ear buds when I am driving and talking. The parties that I have spoken to have no problem hearing me. I know this because I have asked. Then again, I use an iphone (just sayin).

  2. I have an expensive set of wireless headphones that have never worked for me- they will not stay on my ears! It is too much trouble to constantly adjust them just to try and listen to a song. Maybe my ears are too small?? But regardless, they sit in the drawer while i use my $5 set from Marshalls (no name brand but they work like a charm):)

  3. I prefer wireless, but Bluetooth often drops signals, the quality gets crappy at times, and finding a good headset for a reasonable price is hard.

    Right now, I’m actually using the headset that came with my original Blackberry Curve, and occasionally the one that came with my tablet.

  4. Wireless headphones are becoming popular due to several factors. Firstly you have the freedom to move around. A cord just doesn’t let you move easily, particularly if the cable is a short one which tends to be the case – it’s never long enough! If you have got a set of wireless headphones then you can hear your music or even listen to the TV without irritating other folk. On a lighter note a benefit that is goes together with using a wireless set of headphones is that you can do all those tasks around the home while listening to your favourite music, even while vacuuming the carpets. Most top quality wireless headphone units have a 150 feet range limit. If you would like to enjoy listening to music outside that range all you need to do is move the base, bring it nearer to the area you’ll be sitting. If you want to you can even hear music while gardening or in the garage.;

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