No Sibling Rivalry Here

I’ve been sitting at this desk today busy as usual. Whenever I know I’m gonna have an extended amount of time at my desk, i just play music. I pulled up my uncle’s music. My uncle Mac (Mac Arnold) is a pretty talented blues artist. And to this day, he is quick to give credit to my grandfather (his brother) for getting him “started” with guitar music.

Something told me to check out my Unc’s website for da heck of it to see what’s going on with his touring. Da site was obviously updated and more pages were added. I thoroughly enjoyed this page and its audio of my grandfather (pop) explaining how it all started theoretically, by building da “first guitar” aka da “gas-can guitar”. He STILL uses these guitars to this day.

Click on da image below to here da audio.

The "First Guitar" Story

The "First Guitar" Story

Thnx for readin, yall. And thx for sharing.




6 thoughts on “No Sibling Rivalry Here

  1. I don’t always get to comment on your posts because my phone won’t allow it for some reason. So I’m at my pc and thought I would do it for once. You mentioned that your uncle was in a band but I had no idea that he toured and the whole bit. How cool is that! You need to get in there with your saxophone and play with him sometime:) The gasoline can guitars are pretty cool too. How do they sound? Do you ever go and hear him play? When I saw his pictures, I thought, wow- you two kinda look alike but he is smiling so big in the pictures and we all know you like to keep a straight face!

    • LMAO! First of all, thnx for reading and your comments. Next, he’s been all over the place and was blessed to be able to play with blues great Muddy Waters back in da days.

      Aint nothin wrong with my “straight face”. I smile. . . .sometimes. 😉

      Da gas-can guitars sound really good. here’s a vid of him playing it while at a gig.

      -RAP, II @antpruitt

  2. I HAVE seen you smile from time to time (kidding, you smile a lot), but in pics, its usually a “straight” face that says you mean business(lol!)
    He’s really good and I can’t believe how good the guitar sounds. I never knew he played with Muddy Waters either… wow! He is blessed to have that type of talent for sure.

  3. How cool.
    I especially love the pictures… Vintage awesomeness.
    Thanks for showing me this… It made my day to wish I was with him, watching, and begging to let me play the horn solo… 😉

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