Just thought about something

I remember da other day, someone I follow on twitter mentioned bloggers ending sentences with prepositions. I can see that as a valid issue in da world of writing.

I later noticed a pattern in my writing. I know I’m far from da best writer, so I don’t sweat this lil’ quirk too much. [hence the use of the word “da” as a “the” replacement and my typos here and there] I’ve noticed that when I’m typing a question, i fail to punctuate it properly with a “?” mark.

I don’t know if it’s da whole world of texting and tweeting that has made my writing more and more less formal and less proper or what. But I do it almost all the time. I’ll email someone a question, and end it with a period. Fortunately I catch my mistake and go back and correct it.

Do you all do this? Do you all notice any other idiosyncrasies with your writing or writing style that you KNOW you weren’t taught as a kid?

Comments welcomed.

Thnx, for readin’, yall.



2 thoughts on “Just thought about something

  1. I do notice changes in my writing style. I think part of it comes from the use of acronyms in business – and then more casual acronyms via email, text & social media.
    I also believe that, in general, people are more tolerant of errors. This ties back, in part, to the first point I made. I do try to proofread my own work, though some errors go unnoticed. I have a huge pet peeve with professional writers who don’t proof their work & publish articles or posts that are riddled with errors. I find that to be simply lazy behavior that does tend to lose some credibility with me.
    And, there you have it, Mister. A couple of thoughts…

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