A brotha feelin’ weak today

I’m not shamed to admit a weakness. Today I will admit I’m battling. So I have a request for any eyes that cross this post. Just throw a brotha on your prayer list today. I am a man of faith, but I am definitely feeling shaken or battered today (not da good “southern battered” either).

Da enemy is trying REALLY hard to knock me down. I’m attempting to get through this morning and day as best I can. Monday was dubbed “changeatiremonday”, today seems like it has a fitting name to be dubbed “plumbingtuesday”. I know this is just glass-half-empty talk. I know it ain’t my usual M.O. But I know that I’m human and I’m not gonna always have my days of “man of steel”, “S” on my chest outlook. I’m going to do my best to give praise to my all mighty Father.

So can ya put a brotha on your prayer list this day? If you don’t have a prayer list, can you ask someone you know with a prayer list to add a brotha this day? I ‘preciate yall reading my post and your prayers.

Peace unto you all.



5 thoughts on “A brotha feelin’ weak today

  1. Even Superman gets the blues… Heather and I will be holding you in the Light, and don’t forget to ask for help from your earthly brothers and sisters too.

  2. You’re at the top of my list, Mister. I hope things turn around quickly for you. If I can help in any way (in addition to saying a prayer), please let me know.

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