I was listening to my Blip.fm playlist

While I work I listen to music via Pandora or Blip.fm. I’m still fairly new to blip, but so far it’s ok. I’ve been adding songs to create a custom playlist and found some oldie, but goodie songs. Such as Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s “My Hooptie”. Most people know of this rap artist based on his “Baby Got Back” song. But this song is all about a car that he had. Check it out:

Now after watchin’ that video, can yall relate? Lord knows I can. I have had some doozies when it comes to vehicles. Yeah they were doozies, but I absolutely LOVED THEM. I only hated one of ’em. My first car an ’81 Chevette aka “da bucket”, was a $500 beauty. This car was great with its NON-power steering as well as its broken/customizable shifter. It was customizable because I used an ink pen to press down on da shifter’s release to put it into gear. Da Bucket ended up dying a few months later, but other notable injuries included:

-left rear door failed to open, unless pushed from inside out
-heat thermostat was stuck on “cold”
-left hood hinged broken which made it difficult to open hood without totally losing the other hinge

My all time favorite was my next car called Da Bubble. This ’75 Corolla was great. It was my first manual transmission. I had not known how to drive one. My momz told my grandfather to take me to pick this car up after school and then go home. I didn’t know it was a stick shift. I got in it, and “attempted” to drive home. Somehow, I made it home. This car was great. It had tinted windows, 2 10” sub woofers, and a custom small steering wheel. Granted this car also had a small cubic area of seating since I pretty much sat in da back to seat to drive. Nor did it have a completed floor board on da driver’s side. It was rusted so I stuck a board of plywood down there. Da car broke down da first week I got it. Da car also broke down quite a few times later with my high school sweet heart. I remember my first drive to college and da car got EXTREMELY LOUD half way there. It had blown a hole in da manifold and muffler.

My other favorite has to be my long lost “Kee Kee”. This Jeep Cherokee Country threw a rod and died on da way to work. May she rest in peace. I loved that vehicle. 4wd was great in snow. Held my former mountain bike perfectly, and my hard headz loved riding in it.

What were your favorite vehicles? Or what was your least favorite? We’ve all had ’em.

Right now I desire to have a car I love, but even more, I’d love to have a MOTORCYCLE. (different story for a different day)

Thoughts? Please feel free to comment and remark. Thanks for reading and sharing my mindless stuff.




5 thoughts on “I was listening to my Blip.fm playlist

  1. Oh the list of buckets I have owned

    ’85 Buick regal – before they became cool. had to rebuild the engine twice cause the head gasket blew. No headliner and the paint pealed off the hood. Still loved it.

    1998 Lincoln Mark VIII – I loved this car. Bought it from my uncle after I was hit by a drunk driver. Paint was faded and chipped. Air ride suspension died on me on night about midnight coming up I-75 doing 70. I wanted this car when I graduated from Clemson and finally got it. It was finally scrapped last year.

  2. I was hoping to find a picture of my first car, but wasn’t successful. I was very fortunate, and have been ever since that first one.

    My parents spent $5000 on a vintage (1969) VW Bug – totally rebuilt, w/ a 1668cc engine you could literally eat off of! It had a stinger, and my brother put a huge speaker box in the backseat. I had it made! It was hysterical to watch the players from the football jump in and get a ride down to the practice field. Plus, it was a stick shift – the only thing I really wanted was a manual transmission. The kicker, dad bought personalized plates – “4 Kerri”. LOL – everyone knew where I was – probably quite smart on my parents part, in hindsight.

    After that I inherited my deceased grandmother’s 1989 Ford Tempo – which was in incredible shape, but I hated it. When my college roommate totaled it, I was kind of excited. I then got a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse – red hot, and manual transmission again! Then, a Mitsubishi Montero Sport – my first SUV, and manual transmission ( not so easy to find!). Then, my other favorite car…Audi A4, silver, manual transmission, and awesome.

    But, when I bought my first house and got the dogs, I needed bigger. (plus, I lease cuz I’m fickle and like low-maintenance vehicles). So, I got a Buick Rainier – which would have been fine, but I couldn’t get manual transmission. So boring to drive!! Same with the Lincoln MKX I currently drive. People tell me it’s beautiful, and rides incredibly (two reasons I chose it), but I miss the stick shift!!

    Maybe someday, I’ll go back and get a vintage car, or a hot little manual transmission vehicle. But, not anytime soon. Not unless I win the lottery!

    (oh, and side note: my friends at Clemson bought a true hooptie, painted it purple & orange, and we had many a fun tailgate/nights out in that car – good times!!!)

  3. Man I’ve had five different Hondas. I had a Civic in high school and over the last ten years, I’ve had five different Accord. The one I have now,( The ZX-5) is by far my favorite because I paid cash for it. When I think about Sir Mix-A-Lot, not only do I think of Big Booty Broads, I think of how fun it would be if my Posse was on Broadway.

  4. Favorite vehicle is my grandfather’s 1973 Convertible Mustang- 351 Windsor engine, carolina blue with white interior- she’s gorgeous! When my Camaro died a few years ago, I got to drive the Mustang for a summer back and forth to UNCC- she sounded like a dream in the parking decks! I had the top down every chance I got. Unfortunately she’s now in pieces in my mother’s garage because they’re rebuilding the engine. Makes me very sad!

    And I love my motorcycle, a 1996 VS1400 Suzuki Intruder… if she was working.

    I don’t really have a least favorite car- if they work, then they’re all right with me!

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