Answer these questions

How old are you?

Don’t worry, it’s ok. Just curious. But do you get an uneasy feeling when you ask that? Why?
Honestly, if someone asks me, I have to think about it. I quit keeping up with my age a LONG time ago. I just have to do da math to figure it out. I just dont care about my age or anyone else’s. And yes i’m thankful for each year i gain in age.

What’s your social security number?

Again, don’t worry. I don’t want to know. But do you get da same uneasy feeling when asked that question as you did with da age question? Now i get why you would get an uneasy feeling about that one.

If someone asks that, i may give it to ’em. Why? Cause i have craptastic credit. If someone decides to steal my SSN, it would only be for practice as to what SSN NOT to steal.

How much do you weigh?

Now THAT question usually gets you slapped or cursed out.
I don’t mind answer that too much. I’m a little disappointed in it, but still no shame in telling if asked.

I just wonder why da above questions make people wig out one way or another. I would like to see a survey of which types of people actually answer those questions. What genders, so on and so forth.

Ok, i’m done with that mindless thought.

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thanks for takin a few mins to read this stuff.




5 thoughts on “Answer these questions

  1. Anthony,

    Ask me my age anytime. I don’t mind. I’m 34, happy to have had the great 34 years that I’ve had thus far, and am looking forward to decades more of great times!

    Ask me my social security number and you’ll be denied details. Identity theft – no thanks! Maybe, when I get married, I’ll let my husband in on the secret (and I have impeccable credit, so he won’t have to worry).

    Ask me my weight, and I’ll tell you that I need a scale. I have absolutely no clue! I know that I’d like to be smaller than I am, but…doctor says I’m healthy, so I have to celebrate that.

    There ya go, Mister!

  2. 1. I’ll always answer this one, usually it’s because people think I’m younger than I am! (I’m 24.)

    2. Will not reveal that to just anyone… definitely makes me uneasy for someone to ask!

    3. It depends on who asks me this question… usually I’ll answer truthfully, but I’d rather not broadcast it. I’m a work in progress! 🙂

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