Some rantin’

Some things really pisse me off. I’ll go through a few.

First off, idiocy. I CAN’T STAND IDIOCY. I don’t know if I can stress that any further. What is idiocy? Idiocy is pressing a button that says “do not press”. Idiocy is teasing a dog while it’s eating a piece of meat. Idiocy is NOT READING a message in your inbox that’s from SOMEONE YOU KNOW and it says “PLEASE READ”, and READING a message in your inbox from SOMEONE YOU DONT KNOW and it says “boy did we have fun last night.” I despise idiocy. Ignorance is forgiven and dealt with differently, but idiocy gets you nothing but a rubber stamp confirmation from me with da word “idiot” on it.

Apparently I’m not da only person that hates idiocy. Look throughout the day at signs in stores and stuff. I was looking at a toner cartridge I got from Xerox. The toner had a piece of paper on it to cover it. The paper depicted instructions on installation. The first image was to “remove da paper and put it in a garbage can.” Really? You mean to tell me some idiots actually try to install it WITH paper on it? Or better yet, they don’t know to put da paper in a TRASH CAN?

Another thing, driving. Yeah I know da world is hell bent on preaching to us not to txt and drive. I get that. But what about da good ol’ fashion TURN SIGNAL??? Have you sat at an intersection to make a left turn waiting for oncoming traffic? Then there’s one car that just seems a little bit slower than da others. Next thing you know, they TURN onto da street you were going on. Had you seen da turn signal, you would have known they were going your way. Then there’s da idiot on da highway that changes lanes in front of you because they think they’re clear. No turn signal. Had you seen da turn signal, you may ease up on da accelerator for a sec. Maybe. Just maybe.

Don’t you love speaker phone? I do. Sometimes. If i’m at home cooking and my dad or someone calls, it’s very convenient to use while my hands are full. But there are times NOT to use a speaker phone.

1. If you’re in an office space around other people working quietly. Use your handset, da speaker phone may be a disturbance. This is for you, execs.

2. If you’re on da toilet in a public facility.
No one in there gives a rip about your “P and L” or “sales projections” either.

3. If you’re listening to your speaker phone and you have to say “huh” more than twice, pick up da dadgum handset. OR if your party on the other side of da call says “huh” more than twice, pick up da dadgum handset.

If you’re buying beer and happen to forget your ID, don’t BEG for da beer. They ain’t gonna sell it to ya. If they asked for your ID, they don’t care how “old” you look or how much your hairline reseeds or they wouldnt have carded u ANYWAY. Stop holding up da line for people like me that just wanna get pack of bacon and go home.

If you don’t want an honest answer, don’t ask da question. “Do you like this shirt?” No, i don’t like it. “Does shirt make me look fat?” No, da FAT makes you look FAT.

One last rant for ESPN. I have to say, I’ve always enjoyed ESPN. I love their game day experience for football and college basketball. I love their coverage of the World Series of Poker. They do a really good job. But over da last 5 years, they have gone too far. They over hype EVERYTHING now, for starters. There’s going to be a NBA match with da Miami Heat and Charlotte Bobcats later in December (maybe there will be, but this is a hypothetical example). They’ll start announcing and hyping it NOW. “Lebron goes to Charlotte to play the Bobcats.” Over and over and over again, you’ll hear about it.

Tiger Woods is one of da world’s most famous athletes. When his marriage issues came up, there was a “scroll” on da TV ALL DAY LONG that mentioned, Tiger Woods and his issues. Even if you were watching competitive EATING, they would pop up with crap similar to “latest on Tiger Woods”. Who cares!!!??

But what really pissed me off with those folks at ESPN was this past Saturday. Clemson hosted Miami in football. Game was set for 12pm coverage. Great, i’m up and ready for it. I flip to da channel and I see MANCHESTER UNITED playing SOCCER. Soccer? Really? No, this wasn’t the all-mighty World Cup. This was just some European SOCCER.

Now this is college football season. . .in da SOUTH. Do you think ANYONE below da so-called Mason-Dixon line gave a crap about some freakin’ “wanks” kickin’ a SOCCER BALL???? Come on ESPN, get a clue! I missed da first drive of da game because of this idiocy. To make things better, they had a scroll on da screen saying the game can be seen on “”. Sure, i’ll try that. But wait, most of us southern folks on internet has a internet provider NOT PARTNERED with your carrier. (Timewarner) Henceforth, your cannot be seen by us EITHER. Idiots. That crap better not happen again.

Ok, my few rants are done, tho’ i can go on and on about other observations.




2 thoughts on “Some rantin’

  1. As I wrote in Twitter, I’m totally with you… specially wrt driving, speakerphones, and ESPN’s over hype and major flub.

    Driving in OC is something I will NOT miss!! People are complete idiots on the roads – and even in parking lots. My dogs and I were nearly mowed down this morning in our parking lot because some idiot woman got in her car and never looked back before she accelerated right at us. I literally took off running pulling the dogs’ leashes as hard as I could.

    On the speakerphone issue: 1) the bathroom – agreed…it’s a no-no. 2) my cubicle neighbors INSIST on using the speakerphone at the desk next to me. Never mind that I spend many hours a day on conference calls (always using my handset) – they go right ahead and disturb the whole area. and 3)(related, but not exactly on topic) IT’S ILLEGAL (in CA)TO SPEAK ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE WHILE DRIVING – UNLESS YOU ARE USING SPEAKERPHONE, MORONS!!! Combining the first topic and this one…more than half the time I’m dealing w/ idiots on the road, it’s because they’re either talking or texting. STOP IT!!!

    Finally, ESPN…ugh. That about sums it up. I love sports, but I hate watching Sports Center anymore, b/c it’s four versions of the same story, a constant crazy left menu, ticker/scroller at the bottom, and way too much hype. The fact that soccer was on during NCAAF – I just cannot find any way to justify that.

    Thanks for the post, and for giving me an opportunity to take part in the ranting!
    – Ker

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