Man, how things change. Or do they?

Yesterday morn was a lil different for me. On my morning drive my brain INSISTED I listen to some MC Eiht. (8) Why? I have NO IDEA, but I just had to hear it.

For those of you that don’t know, he and his group were all about gangsta rap from da ’90’s. I used to love rap and hip-hop back then. Today I don’t care for many of it because most of these rappers aren’t as lyrical as their predesscors. But man does time and children bring change in your life.

I still have a few cd’s of my favorite rappers, but I RARELY listen to them. Why? ‘Cause I don’t want to hear any of my kids going around saying “motha fu**” this or “motha fu**” that. Granted, I like to think my kids know right from wrong when it comes to content and so forth, but I don’t wanna put it out there for them freely just yet. Growing up I KNOW my momz hated da music I listened too. She at one time tried to stop me from listening to it, but later quit trying. I’m not sure why, but she never gave me grief about my choice of music after that. I was well-rounded in music, but I know that genre was NOT her fav. I’m assuming she didn’t sweat it because she knew I her son was too dorky enough to even try to shoot somebody or rob somebody. Or even find a date! (There is a lil truth in that) In all actuality, I knew not to go out and practice what I listened to. I wasn’t a total idiot as most teens are. I was too busy doing pushups, playing video games, or even practicing on my hurdles on my street. (yes, i had a hurdle to practice with)

I also had a very nice stereo system in my vehicle. And kept one up until 7 years ago. That was when my first born came along.

I remember thinking to myself that even on a very low volume, the low sub vibrations might bother him while I drove around. I don’t know if it does, but at that time I was concerned that it would. So I gave up my stereo system (literally). I disconnected all my speakers and amp and placed them on my porch. If someone wanted it, they had the chance to take it. . . and they did.

Do you find yourself sitting back saying “man I used to. . .”? Do you notice that you used to do a lot of thing pre-children? I do. Nothing against havin’ kids, but it is so true when elders say they change your life. My kids are a bunch of lil’ hard headz, but I’m grateful for our special moments.

Do you find yourself saying “man I used to. . .” because maybe you’ve grown up? In a sense I think I’ve grown up a LITTLE. I still like my old gangsta rap and hip hop artists from da days, but certain days I can’t stand to hear da gratuitous use of da word “nigger”. I’m one of da few black dudes that don’t like that word coming outta ANYONE’s mouth. Even if it’s, as it’s so often said in da black community, as a “term of endearment”. (BULL!)

Anyway, what do yall “DON’T do” now that you used to (that you actually care to share). For me, less hip hop and no fixation with car stereos. Although now i’m fixated on my home theater blasting loudly. I can’t think of many other things since I was and still am a pretty boring cat.

Thoughts, comments?

Thanks for readin, yall.




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