Something made me go “hmmm”

What’s up yall?

I try to have a time of meditation a few times a day. Usually I do this in da morning before I get rollin. I’ve noticed some “wildlife” in my yard that I’ve never noticed. Sights, sounds, actions, etc. Mainly I notice the birds and squirrels of da yard. The squirrels are always out looking for their grub and what not. I guess that’s part of their daily chores. Who knows. . . .

But anyway, one day I saw a squirrel climbing a tree, but a second later another squirrel came and chased da squirrel away. Do squirrels have property like people? “Get off my lawn. . .er uh. . .trunk!” Those two squirrels ran around a few seconds and then ANOTHER group of squirrels started chasing da same one. Do squirrels have “gangs” like da streets of da inner-city?

After they ran off this trespasser, da squirrels went back to their business. Then I started thinking, “what da heck does a squirrel family do all day?” After all da food is gathered for da morning do they go sit on their couch and watch. . .TV? Do they sit and play scrabble on their iPads? Heck, do they go to WORK? What is their entertainment? Ok, this was TOTALLY mindless, but I was curious.

Ok, I’ll let yall get back to your normal, real world day. No more mindless thoughts for yall (today). Thanks for readin, yall.

Peace. (oh and make sure you “give” today. Giving ain’t just about money. Nah mean?)



3 thoughts on “Something made me go “hmmm”

  1. Of course they have jobs! And they probably do have “gangs” Like we have the MS13, bloods, or crips. They probably have like the Acorn gang…or the oak tree gang. Man you probably witnessed a crime right there. Be careful…>it’s hard out there for a squirel

  2. you know what? I think I will check that out in the morning before work. But I only have one tree. I think I will buy something to attract more of them….That way I can start my own gang. lol

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