Have you ever?

Have you ever had something (object) that you just didn’t wanna let go? If so, what was it? And why couldn’t you let it go? I’ve had things in my short life that I just loved for whatever reason.


Have you ever had a bottle of ketchup in da house and it was down to da last lil’ bit? And you decided not to throw it away, but you instead turned it upside down in storage to let ALL of da ketchup drain to da spout? (I do that)

Do you take that bar of soap that’s down to its little transparent, thin piece and rub it until you get a descent lather or even mash it up against a fresh, new bar? (I do that)

Check out my sunglasses that were donated to me. I LOVE these things. My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight so I always NEED sun glasses. Now these glasses have. . .”character”. They’re scratched, they’re chipped, and even have been broken. But I still have ’em.

And yes. That’s DUCT TAPE on my glasses. . . .

You have any items you can’t let go due to how much you love ’em? Or do you have some good ol’ “home economist” tactics you practice? Comments are welcomed.

Thanks for readin’, yall.



10 thoughts on “Have you ever?

  1. I have two family bibles that were given to me by my mother’s cousin. They date back to 1851 and 1853. They are absolutely fragile and ready to fall apart at any minute, but I keep them on display in my living room – looking at them every night. Inside, are birth and death records spanning over 5 decades in the 1800s and 1900s. Incredible!! One day, I will get them put into glass cases to preserve what’s left…I just need to get off my arse and do it!
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. LMBO at the sunglasses! That looks like something your daddy would do! How about down to the last of the toothpaste? I take a comb and rub it flat to get the last of it out! Heck Toothpaste not cheap! LOL

    • Thnx for readin, Sis!

      Yeah I can squeeze toothpaste.

      Those glasses are perfect! I wear em all da time and they’re even great at da poker table. The next best glasses are da roll-up ones from da eye doctor. (which I do have and do wear). 🙂

      -RAP, II

  3. We enjoyed you guys today!!!!
    It was an honor to see the “Glasses” in real life. LOL. All the times, I’ve seen you wear the orange glasses, I never knew it was tape. LOL

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