Big versus Little

Have you ever looked at those words and da meaning behind them? Have you ever looked at those words in your day-to-day life?

Let’s look at “big”. Big like Chicago’s Sears Tower big. Big like Boeing airplane big. Big like Walmart big. Ya feel me? That’s one way to look at it.

Now look at da word as is breaking news big. Big like iPhone4. Big like Toyota recall.

All are big in their own way, but conversely “little” in their own way. That “big” news may be little to me or you. Charlotte, NC is not big when someone from NYC comes here. A woman’s size 9 shoes ain’t big when I look at it compared to my big foot.

Then you have da word “little”. My 4 year old and 7 year old are little. Ants are little. Rain drops are little.

But then you hear people say “da little things make a difference.” That’s true, right? A wink to someone is a very small effort, but may make someone blush, smile and make their day. A little 4 year old voice saying “thank you daddy” took a small effort on his part, but went a long way for me to hear it.

I’ve seen a little black ANT drag a slice of sandwich bread on da ground. That little ant had a BIG WILL to survive. We’ve all seen da effects of rain water shaping this earth of ours. (Grand Canyons and Mountain ridges)

Last night while at church, our director of music ministry was on stage playing da piano and I noticed him motion out to a guy in da congregation as if he should come up to da stage. This guy stood up and walked on up. First thing I thought was “what is this lil’ guy gonna do? Play da piano, da drums, or what.” Upon getting a better look at him, this “little guy” wasn’t a kid at all, he just was small in stature. Da guy grabbed da mic and began to sing. His voice was BIG. It truly shocked me. I caught a snippet of it here.

Isn’t it cool how some “big” things are actually “little” and how some “little” things can be “big”? Or how something “little” can produce “big” results? Lots of different angles to look at that stuff.

What are your thoughts?

Comments are always welcomed.

Thanks for readin’.



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