Question For PETA

I don’t know much about PETA and for da most part I really don’t stress over that fact. This weekend I was squeezing in my yard maintenance which included hedge trimming.

As I trimmed a hedge, I noticed one of them had quite a few spider webs and spiders on it. All I knew was I had a job to do, so I proceeded with buzzing away and gettin’ da trimming done. If a spider was there, it was. . .trimmed.

Then I had a thought. Is PETA pissed off at me? Will they shake their finger at me because I destroyed an animal’s home? Do they consider spiders animals? I ask if they’re considered “animals” because there are also some people that won’t eat deer meat because it’s an “animal”, but yet they’ll straight GRUB on an angus thick burger. (As if a cow isn’t an “animal.”)

Oh well, anyway. It was just a thought.

Thanks for readin’. Comments are always welcomed.



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