Pimp Your Cell Camera

One of my coworkers is a hardcore phone geek. I mean he’s just a hardcore geek in general. By far one of the coolest people I know. Put it this way, if I see him with a roll of duct tape, I know there’s about to be some contraption or mod put together.

Well he has the popular Droid Incredible cell phone. The phone’s specs speak for itself, but through some typical geek browsing he found a pretty cool idea to enhance the 8 megapixel camera on the phone. I know, what you’re thinking, “why enhance an EIGHT MEGAPIXEL camera?” Trust me, you’ll see why.

Here’s a pic of his “naked” Droid Incredible.

As you can see, it has his camera lens and the two LED flash lights. Now take a look at this pic below.

Notice the different lens on the phone’s camera. He took a disposable camera lens and pretty much strapped it to his phone. It’s a bigger lens on there and it sorta gives it the ever so popular Droid logo look. It does, right?

So he’s pimped it out with this new lens, but check out the difference in camera performance.

The first pic is a close up on a $5 bill. This is not a “shaken” picture, so the blur you see is just regular snapshot with the 8MP camera.

Now look at this snapshot of the same $5 bill, same camera, WITH the extra lens.

Slight difference, huh?

I’d like to try it with my lil’ blackberry 3.2MP camera. We took more comparison pictures in the office and it’s really neat the difference in images.

Thoughts? Any of you gonna rip apart some disposable cameras?

Thanks for readin’ and commenting, yall.




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