Da Wonderful English Language

I gotta chat about da English language as we know it and speak it.

One day I was listening to sports talk radio, and an ad about roofing played. The guy reading/speaking da ad said something to da affect of “Call Kangaroofing for all of your roofing needs!”

Let’s break that ad down.

First off, the name of da company is “Kangaroofing”. Sure, that may be clever in its own way. No problems with that. But as I started typing this posts I STRUGGLED with trying to spell the word “kangaroofing”. Why? Because I wasn’t sure on how to spell “kangaroo”. Is it an “er” or and “ar” in da word? Of course spell checker figured it out.

Next, I wish I had da actual audio for this ad. He said “Call Kangaroofing for all your roofing needs.” It’s one thing to read that on da screen. But if you HEAR what he said, it would have sounded more like “call Kangaroofing for all of your RUUFFIN’ needs.” Yeah i said “ruufin” almost like what a dog sounds like when it barks.

With our language (and other languages) you get different dialects and accents. I was amazed that this guy could easily say “kangaroo” but not “roof” with da same phonetics of “oo”. It’s ROOF, not RUUF, in my opinion. Tomato, potato.

Then you look at da image above. I think of all da people here in NC and surrounding states fussing about da Hispanics and their spanish language. “Learn to speak English over here”, is what people will say. Our language is pretty dadgum difficult. I remember a convo with a South American friend. He told me he struggles with words like “tooth” and “teeth”. Now I don’t speak spanish, but google tells me singular of “tooth” in spanish is diente and plural version just needs an “s” added to the end of it to get dientes for teeth. Why couldn’t english say “tooth” and “tooths”????

Then you get people like me that totally butcher da language when they know better. I’ll be da first to admit that I do. Don’t get me wrong, this brotha’s got vocab. Not da smartest, sharpest cat, but I know how to speak and write properly when I need to. (Hmm, there’s another word. “Write” and “right”. Are there homonyms in other languages?) See, I told ya I have vocab. But look at my posts. I’ve said from day one that I will not be a grammatical pro in my posts as these are just blurbs and jibberish for entertainment purposes only. That’s why I don’t take da time to spell out da word “the” and use “da” instead. That’s why you’ll see contractions of words like “livin’ ” or “workin’ “.

What are your thoughts on this? Comments are encouraged and welcomed. But I laugh at da way people speak every single days. It’s so easy to do considering I live here in da deep south. Heck, I look at my own family I grew up with. If I were to take certain people to visit my fam, they wouldn’t understand a word my family is sayin’. (lol) Words like “rainch” instead of “rinse” are used. Or phrases like “T’aint nuttin to it” are used. Funny, but i LOVE it.

Thanks for reading and commenting, yall.




2 thoughts on “Da Wonderful English Language

  1. I call Southern English the downfall of our youth. My ex’s mother, when she’s tired, says, “I sho’ am tahrd.” Tahrd? Really? “Fint’na” – I’m fint’na go to da sto, need me summo snuff”.


    English is bad, but try learning German! That’s a really difficult language to conquer. It’s not a romance language either so that isht doesn’t sound pretty either.

    At any rate, there’s no excuse for not speaking proper English when you grow up in an English speaking country with English as your first language. I know people from other countries who have a better grasp of English than some born and raised here in the good old USA. Sad, isn’t it?

    • Yep. I’m guilty of butchering da language as well. But fortunately, i’m able to get my point across with or without proper grammatical syntax.


      thanks for readin’, and commentin’.

      -RAP, II

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