Stay Tuned

It’s about 10am here and I feel like former Clemson Tiger, Ricky Sapp. I struggled to sleep last night. I, like most people, have had a turmoiltuous week filled with internal and spiritual battles as well as just day to day life battles. But twice this week, I’ve had peace. Each time I was at my church. Wednesday night service, and Friday night’s first annual Car and Motorcycle show and fundraiser. I’m soooo thankful for Family Christian Center and the environment provided by them. I’m going to try to chill out a bit, ice da hip, and pray for yet another peaceful day. I will eventually post some media from my church’s car and bike show last night. I look forward to sharing them with yall. Thank you for reading, stay tuned for the pics, and have a good Saturday.


**One more note, i’ve noticed more people registering for my daily trivia. I appreciate the support. Keep spreading the word. It’s mindless “get you away from da world” fun that only takes about 2 minutes a day.**


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