Car and Motorcycle Show at Family Christian Center

Friday, July 23rd, 2010 marked the first and now annual custom Car and Motorcycle show and fundraiser. The event was slated for 6pm to 9pm run time in the parking lot of our facility. Hot dogs and other concessions were served. I’m sharing some images and videos from the event. There were some cool people to show up with cool cars and bikes. We had a great turn out. At just before 9 we were in the process of starting the clean up and close shop. But you could hear in the distance the rumble and buzz of motorcycle engines coming down the road. All were heading our way to make donations and show off their bikes. It was a sight to see! Apparently, those bikers called more of their friends and just before 10pm MORE bikers showed up.

We had a raffle to giving away products donated by local auto parts retailers. One of the winners had a pretty good week. I say this because he won a raffle prize, but just TWO WEEKS ago we WON the Harley Davidson he rode in on from the Gastonia Harley shop off of a $2 raffle ticket.

Here are a few sample pics. First, this isn’t my dream bike to have, but I will always love this model because it’s in STOCK ORANGE paint. Da Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10. Powerful and great looking bike.

I LOVE orange motorcycles!

Now THIS is my dream bike. I mean, my only attainable dream bike. Whenever I can get outta driving that dadgum minivan, this is da route I wanna go. Da Yamaha YZF-r1. (sighs)

My DREAM bike!

Ok. Check out da slide show and da vids below. Thanks for reading and commenting. Thanks for those that came out to support Family Christian Center’s event.



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2 thoughts on “Car and Motorcycle Show at Family Christian Center

  1. That skull is pretty awesome. And I’m not a big motorcycle chick. Congrats to your group for a wildly successful night!! Here’s to many more!!

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