To Refrigerate or Not To Refrigerate

I tried to start writing this post yesterday (7/21), but could never get back to it. But I have a mindless question. Yesterday I didn’t have a typical peanut butter and honey sandwich, but instead I had peanut butter and strawberry jam sammiches. Da jam I got from da local farmer’s market. While makin my sammich i struggled spreading my jam on da bread. Which lead me to think, refrigerate or not? What do yall do? Do you refrigerate your jam/jelly after it’s opened? I know people on both sides of da fence. I like it refrigerated, but it makes spreading it a pain sometimes. Thoughts?



4 thoughts on “To Refrigerate or Not To Refrigerate

  1. I refrigerate, not saying that is the proper thing to do but that’s how my mother did things when i was growing up. I would think it would not matter too much.

    another question what about refrigerating stick butter? My grandmother used to leave the butter dish out all the time on the kitchen table, but to me that warm mussy butter is just nasty and I fell it needs to be refrigerated. what do you think?

    • I refrigerate butter. But again, i know people on both sides of that fence too. I did 1 time have some jelly to mold after being opened. So that really makes me wanna keep it refrigerated it.

      thanks for readin’ and commenting

      -RAP, II @antpruitt

  2. Refrigerate, but that might be because I can’t stand lukewarm jelly for some odd reason. And because my mom did it that way. I’ve never thought about leaving it out.

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