What’s With Libraries Today?

I just read a blog from one of my subscriptions. It was regarding research. As I read it, I thought more about my college days. My questions is, what’s up with libraries today? I know they still exist, but what’s their purpose?

I don’t read much nor did I do a ton of research, but when I needed to do so, I remember going to the campus library. Grabbing books noted in the catalog, or magazines or note, or even MICROFICHE. Do yall remember microfiche? Did yall use one of those things?

But anyway, who uses libraries today? I can only think that people go there now for “pleasure”. Not necessarily for research. But even in today’s digital world, you have books online from places like audible.com that allows you to download them to your mp3 players. It’s like the internet has EVERYTHING now, so one can reference mostly any web link. Books are online, magazines are online, several 1000 newspapers, etc. Even videos are available.


Thanks for readin, yall.


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10 thoughts on “What’s With Libraries Today?

  1. I love libraries, just something about them – an irreverence maybe – that I feel as soon as I step inside one. These days, a lot of online (research paper, grad school worthy) sources require… Wait for it, wait for it… cold hard cash! In the form of a membership or subscription fee of course. That can get pretty costly if thorough research is your goal. With a brick and mortar, I can reserve a specific text online and then walk right into my local library and borrow that bad boy for FREE.

    • To add to Queen of Manufactured Cleavage’s very good point…

      Having grown up visiting the local library very regularly (both public libraries and school libraries), I’d hate to think that they serve no purpose any longer. There is something special about actually holding a book and reading it – at any age in my case. I have no desire to use a Kindle or other e-reader, as I’m tired of looking at a screen after working all day/week. I like to feel the pages and read actual printed type. I still like reading work-related materials in print as well; however, they’re just not as accessible to me.

      Also, my dad has been on or in charge of the library Board for many, many years. I have to support their mission to continue raising funds and driving traffic through their doors.

      I hope the libraries continue to serve the public well, and that the public, in turn, supports the local (public & private) libraries.

      • THAT’S where I fail. I don’t “support” libraries and I should. My kids use it RARELY, but mostly online gets their media. Maybe I should throw da libraries a bone.

        thanks for reading and commenting!

        -RAP, II

  2. I go to the library on occasion. Since I do not live by myself but I like peace and quiet especially when I want to read or write, the library is the place to go. I have a computer at home; however, I don’t have alot of space so going to the library gives me that added space to research, print, and explore without feeling cluttered. I also love books and spend quite a bit of money each year buying books but there are times I go to the library to read books instead of buying them when funds are low. :0)

  3. You’re gonna laugh… but there’s just something about the way books smell and feel. And as someone with a history degree- i.e. I’ve had to do LOTS of research- I really think it’s easier to flip through a book to find pertinent information rather than scroll through a webpage. Online research has its pluses for the searchability factory, but there’s also VERY few reliable sources for information- anyone can make up anything on the internet and post it as factual information, you know?

    No idea if any of that contributed to the original question, but there you go. 🙂

  4. Its so sad to me that there are so many libraries closing in Charlotte these days. No funds to support them and many people would prefer going online. My kids love going to the library and checking out books and taking them home (Only problem is i forget to turn them in on time and end up paying fines).
    They have some cool programs like book clubs, free movies for kids and a few times both my girls have read to an assistance dog for “practice” when they were just learning.
    I have to say though, that i usually don’t check books out myself. These days it takes me longer than 2 weeks to read them.

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