How Was Your 4th of July?

Independence day is a wonderful holiday. I look forward to it for a few different reason. For da food, da summer time activities, and other things like fireworks. (I guess I’m supposed to throw family in there somewhere, right?) 🙂

How was your holiday? What did you all do? Mine was pretty busy from Friday da 2nd thru Monday da 5th. I was fortunate and blessed to have da opportunity to cook for a small party for the holiday. This is da same group of people that gave me the chance to start my endeavor last year on da 4th of July. I was grateful for da opportunity yet again. This party was going to mark my first attempt at getting back into cooking for people since my hip surgery 7 months ago. I was itching to do it, but I will admit I had some trepidation about it too. How would it turn out? Do I still “got it”?

The order was for pulled pork. I like to block out at least 12 hours of cook time when I do da smoking process. This meant it would have to be an overnight cooking process to have it ready and as fresh as possible for da party. So I purchased several pounds of pork to begin da smoking process and some other needed items for da menu. While in da store i had an interesting siting.

Now I don’t normally talk about people, but this chick walks by me and I couldn’t figure out where her shorts ended and her legs begin! (What da heck???!!!) These shorts looked like they were being chewed up as she walked. Interesting site to say da least.

So I got home started the smoking process and also started da cheesecake they ordered. My cheesecake looked pretty damn good.

After that was done, I continued to add wood to my burning fire for the smoking process of the pork. It got a lil hectic because da outside temp got down to 55 degrees around 3 in da morning. VERY ODD for a July night in da south. But none da less, I was able to maintain da proper temperature range. I woke up again from a short nap around 7am to check out da meat and it was still doing well. (whew! no stress there) Then had a lil “breakfast”.

Not trying to plug Sam Adams, but I swear I LOVE their beers. I really enjoy having one for breakfast. If you haven’t checked out their seasonal brews, you need too. They’re really good.

Da tasks were all done. Meat was cooked. Time to check it, taste it, and pack up to hit da road. I’m gonna toot my own horn. This had to be da best tasting pork I’ve ever done. Da flavor of my rub was evident and da hickory smoke was balanced. Even da smoke ring was perfect in da meat.

I had a really good time at da party. Da refire of da meat went really well. Da beans I made were good, da cheesecake was on point. I was very happy and pleased that everyone enjoyed da grub. Very gratifying especially since I had been chugging energy drinks due to lack of sleep. To wind down da night we hung out at da lake on a friend’s boat to watch da fireworks and in the hosts’ garage/studio.

Again I am thankful for the opportunity to cook for my friends. I was able to spend a lil time with them and chat. As well as speak a lil’ deeper with a friend about trials of my life, life, and my faith with it. It was a good trip.

Sunday da 4th arrives and I make it to church. Great service as always. But as i leave, I was asked by my associate pastor’s wife if I wanted to bring my fam to their gig. I thought about it for a min because I was still WORN OUT from da past 30hours of work, cooking, and partying. Went along with it anyway. Later I get a text about how to cook burgers, which ended up being a “i appreciate you cooking them for us.” 🙂 I’ve never done that before, but i was grateful and honored to be able to cook for my pastor and his family.

So as you can see, my holiday was pretty good. Sunday evening and Monday brought different issues to deal with, but I won’t dwell on that. I’m thankful for da good times i was able to enjoy. I hope you all had a good and restful one.

Thanks for reading my posts, yall.




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