One Of My Fav Podcasts

I haven’t even watched this week’s episode yet, but I said I’d pass this on to you all to check out.

As you know I watch a lot of DVR TV and Internet Podcasts for my entertainment. This is on a tech web site, but it’s a COOKING SHOW. It’s called Food Mob. Very simple recipes and dishes. Usually can be made in 10-20 minutes of prep and cooking.

Like I said, i haven’t watched it just yet, but i’m SURE it’s another great episode. I’m sure i’ll be on my couch checking this out this weekend.




2 thoughts on “One Of My Fav Podcasts

  1. Ah man thanks for the blog post! you are just in time as well as I was just looking for stuff to feature in this week’s show! Will get it featured in the show for sure!


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