Music and You

I’m not a music geek by no means. So you can’t ask me who sings da hot, popular songs of today and who da hot new singers are. I don’t know, don’t care for da most part. Growing up I was a total band geek. Loved my sax. Being in band opened my ears up more to jazz and classical and other “non popular” music. I like to think that I listen to music a lil’ differently from most people. When I’m listening to music, I can typically “feel it”. Nah mean? I guess it’s similar to how some people hear certain songs and it makes them wanna dance. And no, i ain’t no dancer.

I’m gonna share a song from my meager library. This song is a light, but powerful piano song. There are no vocals, no drums or percussion. But I swear that when i hear it, i can FEEL it deep in my soul It has a weird affect. To me, it can make your heart and soul long for a missed loved one to where it hurts to think of ’em and miss ’em. Or, it can make your heart and soul rush with a passionate, emotional high as if you realize that you care about someone sooo much, it just brings you a joy that NO ONE would ever understand.

Yall have songs that just flat out move you? If so, what is it called and who is the artist(s)? Feel free to comment and share.

Here’s da song I’m speaking of: Brian Culbertson’s, “Our Love”.

If this link doesn’t work for you, try this one instead.

Thanks for readin, yall.




One thought on “Music and You

  1. I feel the need to make a formal introduction between you and @kevinvandever (aka: @jazzlifejunkie). Here is a link to his blog:

    As for the song that gets me everytime… “You are so beautiful” by Joe Cocker. My mom used to sing it to me while she would brush my hair. Everytime we hear it, we tell each other.

    I have non-traditional (at least for my age) taste as well: Jim Croce, John Denver, Michael McDonald, etc. Nothing wrong with knowing what you like!! – @kerbehr

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