Dumb Stuff In Media

I just had a random thought. What’s some of da dumbest stuff you’ve seen on da web or tv as a product or sales pitch? I’ve seen some doozies. I still remember da first time I saw da “snuggie” on TV and how i laughed my ass off at it. Da NY Daily News posted a neat article about some items.

I can remember da other day watching TV and there was a commercial for Captain D’s. This commercial was boasting “It’s our fish extravaganza!” Now wait a minute, you’re freakin’ CAPTAIN D’s! It’s not like you don’t deal mainly with fish. If this was say, McDonald’s and they had a “fish extravaganza”, then maybe it’s worth listening too. (maybe not)

Anyway, what are yall’s thoughts and/or things you’ve seen?

Check this pic out. It may be a poor product, but I gotta tell ya, i’d try it. 🙂

Thanks for readin’, yall. Feel free to post your comments.



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